Wednesday, February 23, 2011

939 - When Do you move on - Calling it quits?

How long do I keep sharing when they don't believe or are even making fun of me? How long do I hang in there?

Yall have a great day!



Donna said...

Hi Leigh, That was godly wisdom and insight. I've found it to be true with my dad. I stopped talking to him about the Lord because he would become so angry. But I have kept praying for the greater part of 35 years. I believe God can still work even though it seems hopeless.

trishjpurcell said...

Leigh I feel like you spoke directly to me today! You simply amaze me how you let God work through you!! You are such a doll! Trish

Kristi said...


You made me remember one of my favorite songs from Sunday school, the main line says "They will know we are Christians by our love."

I don't know that I could ever give up on someone completely. I maintain people in my prayer life that I haven't seen in years. I'm still looking after those seeds I planted.