Wednesday, November 30, 2005

2 Chron.. 16:9a

Oh Lord - can you find that verse to be true of me? Can you range throughout the earth looking for a heart completely sold out to you and find me. I guess on certain days the answer would be absolutely no!! I want you to pick me, pick me!! Strengthen my heart to be totally sold out to you! Do whatever it takes to know that we are one! Do whatever it takes to make me walk a walk holy and worthy of the Faith!!

Do a work in me Jesus! I do feel you doing some great things. I do! But at the same time, I don't know what to think. Do I think on a small scale, I will always speak to MOPS groups, etc. or do I think bigger. I am afraid to dream and so therefore am I not believing? I have been "warned" that Beth Moore and Kay Arthur are not the norm. WOW - those words hurt, but were they words from You through another to keep me on the ground? Would I want to be a Beth Moore, sure, I would love to have the Love for the Lord that she has and I would love to have the impact for the kingdom that He has accomplished in her. But would I want all that loss of privacy, would I want that strict schedule, would I want all those demands???? I am not sure. I think I could do fine with it, but I am not sure about Clay and family. Only You know!

But as for now - just grow me more and more!! Grow my love for you and grow my faith and grow my heart and grow my strength and grow my family, and grow my trustability, shut my mouth, and grow my love some more!! Help me live out today and be faithful in today!!! Not be concerned so much with the next phase, but find me faithful here!!

I love you Lord!!! Thank you for Maye Maye!

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