Sunday, November 27, 2005

Maye Maye!!

Well, we gave the kids their Christmas present from us, Clay and I, early this year. We bought them a new dog, a Boston Terrier. She is gorgeous! She is 8 months old and just a jewel. She has a "bad" tail and so we thank that is why she was never shown or bred! But it is just an absolute gift from the Lord. We needed a older new dog so that it would survive having had the last dog with Parvo!! So she has had all her shots and I think is potty trained! She has yet to bark and is great with the kids. She is very playful and so sweet. I feel like the Lord has blessed us once again with a sweet blessing for the whole family!! She is adorable!! Love her!

We ended up having a great Thanksgiving. Missed not seeing family, but the time with the Naval Academy kids was wonderful. They loved the Lord and were so disciplined and just incredible people. I am not sure how many times I can say that, but once is not enough!!

Church this morning was wonderful as well. Dr. Rummage preached on Ps. 23. He is an incredible expository preacher! I love that! Then Clay basically preached his brains out in SS this morning! The class was very responsive to his questions and he looked so sexy with a beard and longer hair on top - people were calling him a Brad Pitt!! Wow!! That is my man!!

I am really tired and need to get to bed. I would like to take Maye Maye on a walk in the morning! 5am!! Oh can I do it??? I will let you know tomorrow!!

Talk soon! SMILEPLZ

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