Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

Today was Thanksgiving 2005. The kids, Clay, and I had a great time cleaning, cooking, playing in the leaves, and even got in a short nap. I made dressing for the first time and it was really delicious. It was Lee McDaniel's recipe. I mean scrumptious. I made it really think so it had a ton of crunch to it!! I love me some crunch!! hee hee I guess that is one positive to our staying home for Thanksgiving. I have learned to cook Thanksgiving!!

Clay went and picked up the Naval Academy kids from the church today. We were suppose to have 2 girls and 1 boy. But we ended up with 3 girls. It was my mistake though. I looked at the sheet and thought that Elge was a boy, but it is a girl from Lithuania!! How cool is that. Just went downstairs and both of the girls are on Elge's lap enjoying the Lion King. I love that my kids can love somebody in just a matter of time! I want them to always be loving to people, even those that they can't understand! Elge's English is not that great when she really gets going. She and Crystal are outstanding individuals. 17,000 men and women apply to the Naval Academy every year. Only 1000 are appointed!! Wow!!

Before dinner Clay asked everyone to tell 3 things they were thankful for. The kids said the obvious thing like parents, food, and sisters/brother. I decided that I was the most thankful for the future. I am excited to see what God is going to do with my family and excited to see how many things He is going to show Himself true in! I am excited to see if God will have us in Charlotte and excited to see if God will place us in Nashville. I am excited to see how God will grow Clay's business and excited to see Him expand my speaking engagements. I am excited to see Emmajoy come to know the Lord and I am excited to see Tucker grow in the Lord. I am excited to see Tucker grow into a man like Clay and am excited to see him grow as an athlete. I am excited to see the girls grow up and be women proud of their bodies and willing to protect it at all costs! I am excited to see how big the kids will get and excited to see them become more independent! I am excited and thankful for the future! I am believing!!! Why - I am so glad you asked!!

I am thankful for the future because I know that my God has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future - Jer. 29:11 -. I know that everything He throws my way will be filter by His hands and it will not be a surprise to Him. He thought enough of me to allow me to go through whatever it is because He knows I will glorify His name through it all. Now will I??? I sure hope so, but I know I will fail. Is that not believing??? I just don't know! But I do know that God has been faithful through it all thus far even when I have been so unfaithful at times. He has never let me down and will never! He is so big to not be sure He can handle it all and so merciful to not be completely confident he won't come through! He always does. He may say no, but I know it is for a greater glory! He may yes and have great expectations of me, He might say wait and that may be the hardest one of all! But He never gives up on me and I fail often. How could I ever give up on the One that has never failed me and just simply can't!! I am thankful for the future because my God has been all over my past!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Love to hear from you!


amy said...

Hey girl....I love reading your posts, they are very encouraging. This post was particularly encouraging because of some things the Lord is beginning to reveal to me as possibilities for future nursing stuff. I just need to believe Him through it! I hope that your weekend is wonderful! Did you hear?! Bethany and Matt got engaged today! many friends are getting married, it is so to you soon....

angela said...

girl, did I need to hear that!! the Lord always randomly speaks to me through your blogs so dont stop writing them. The part when you said waiting is sometimes the hardest just cut like a knife... I dont even know what I'm wait for. leaving this place I've lived my entire life or a husband quite possibly... Whatever it is know it's not going to satisify so why do I wait??? ahhhh... thanks for allowing me to let that out!! love you!