Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Real first blog

Well, my husabnd and my friends think that i have lost mind blogging. But i think this could really be great thing. Something for my kids to see one day. Even if soemthing were to happen to my computer again at least there would be some bloggging out there to see proof that i didn't just sit around all day and do nothing. they would at least know their mother was a blogger!! not to confused with a clogger! Ha! i have not figured out how to spell check or fix mistakes without backing up!! so bear with me!

Last night i had my last of the 3 part series of the radical series at my home church, HGBC. It was great. we had a wonderful turn out and the worship and singing was incredible. I had Gwen Smith come out and lead us. She is fabulous and really brought us straight to the throne of the Lord. Go check her out at gwensmith.net!!! not com, but net!!! don't get it confused!! ha!

But the Lord showed up huge there last night and really dealt with all of us. I spoke about our up close and personal relationship with the Lord and the Lord spoke mightily! He gave me much passion. We taped last ngiht on purpose both audio and video. Now i will have both a visual and audial (???, is that a word) for churches that might be interested in having me. That is really a neat thing the Lord worked out. It alsmost didn't happen, but then at the last minute Brian Queen the great video man himself, showed up and did it all! He is great for taking the time to do that for me!! Wow!! what a guy!

Today was one of those not so exciting days. I do laundry on Tuesday and with 6 people in the house, 4 that change clothes constantly, kids, it can be quite a daunting task!! But we survivied and clothes are washed!! My girlfriends did come over to have some prayer time and watch our Believing God series!! It is increible. I am Believing Him!!! Jer. 29:11!

Clay is going to be out late tongiht so the kids and i are going to go to Pizza Hut and let them use their book coupons for free pizza. Guess who is the most excited - ME!!!!!!!!!!!! no cooking. If we ever get really, really, really rich or something, i am going to get a cook. Not one that lives with me, unless she wants, but one that just drops the meals off when i call! How cool would that be!

Well, it is that time and i must be making sure homework is done and off to Pizza Hut!!

Dear Lord - thank you for today and thank you for blessing me with a washing machine and dryer. i sure would hate to do all that by hand. Thank you for being rela in my life and thank you for giving me an incredible family! Thank you for leading me to your awesomeness last night. I want to believe you mroe, i want to have more faith, i want to live sold out for you! teach me how, Lord!! Show me your way so that i will know your will! I lvoe you with everything in me!! You are my all. protect Clay and Rick as they are traveling home! Bless them immensely! Guard them and bless them!! I love you Father!


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