Monday, December 19, 2005

Does God deliberately cause bad to me?

I have a few weeks right now that I am not doing a Beth Moore study. We are going to start the new year off right with Jusus, the one and only. I am really pumped and excited to learn so much about the Lord. But in the mean time I can't just not have my time with Him. So right now I am reading through Ruth.

"It is more bitter for me than you, because the Lord's hand has gone out against me." "The Lord has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me." Ruth 1:13, 21.

Do you think these are words of a bitter woman that has lost her husband and 2 sons to death? I am not sure if I agree with Naomi's words. I am not sure the Lord's hand can go out against you. I know that He can remove His hand of protection and give way to your own self-afflicted destruction. I know everything that happens is filtered through His hands, but it is always for a greater glory. I know God does not want to see our destruction and doesn't want us to be destroyed. He loves us to much, Christ is enough proof of that. So can the Lord bring misfortune on me? Can the Lord afflict me? Can the Lord raise His hand as if to wipe me off the earth in complete annihilation?

I know He can do all those things. He can do whatever He wants to do. And when complete and utter disobedience is involved, He just might have His way. I mean He will always have His way, but... God will allow things to happen to us that can completely destroy us. Like the death of someone close. But His purpose in all those kinds of things to remain focused, to remain in praise, and to remain in an attitude of glorifying Him! Hard, almost impossible without the Lord.

"Call me Mara because the Lord has made my life bitter" Ruth 1:20 The Lord has allowed her life to be tough, but Naomi has allowed it to become bitter. I am sure Naomi is way passed depressed here too! But what is the greater glory? God was revealing Himself as Jesus through Ruth!! What a neat story. God had a great glory reason and that was to reveal His on. He knew that I would one day study this passage and see all this, again part of His greater glory.

Things are going to happen all around us. Which person will I/you be??
Naomi - become very bitter and hurt?
Ruth - remain faithful and then God uses us to reveal His glory?

I think in every situation we can be one or the other. No matter what happens in my life, will I become bitter or will I strengthen others around me because I allow Him to strengthen me! Will I remain faithful to the end and wait patiently for His glory revealed? Did Ruth have any idea who Naomi's God was? "Your God will be my God?" Ruth 1:16 And after all the terrible things that Naomi had said HER GOD did to her, why would Ruth want to hang around??? I would want to get out of there in case her "bad luck" (non-Christian pont of view) rubbed off on me!

Choose this day whom you will serve. (Joshua 24)

Will you serve bitterness and complete selfishness?

Or will you serve our God waiting on that greater glory?

I love you Lord, Find me faithful!! I believe!

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