Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last 2 weeks

My oh my!! The last 2 weeks have been such a slow whirl wind if that is possible. On Monday the 19th I took SJ to the doctor and she was diagnosed with vasculitis, inflamation of the blood vessels in her legs.

20th - we left for Illinois, but stopped and stayed the night in Knoxville with my parents. SJ woke up the next morning with huge whelps on her legs and the vasculitis had gotten much worse. We take pictures.

21st - we drive on to Illinois with SJ hurting, scratching, and not feeling well.

22nd - we call all the doctors and are monitoring her. She falls and hits her head, but we notice her knees are swollen. Strange - I begin to panic after getting on the web and investigating vasculitis. I am scared my little stinker has Lupus - you know moms are doctors!!

23th - Emmajoy asks Jesus in her heart! So precious and Thank you Lord!!!

24th - Happy Birthday Jesus - we go back to the doctor in Illinois and SJ has strep again! Put her on Augmentin and she begins improving dramatically!!!!
We are heading home because we want to see our Dr. Pridemore!! Love her!

25th - arrive in Knoxville again to see my parents, have Christmas, and see my brothers family too.

26th - leave this afternoon back for Charlotte to see Dr. Pridemore on Tuesday!!!

27th - go to see Dr. Pridemore and she sends us straight to hospital for multiple tests!! Lupus, Rhematoid arthritis, CBC expansion, SED rates, etc!!!!

28th - PEACE!!!! SJ's tests were all negative. I cry in relief!!! Praise His Name!! Let's get her tonsils out today!!! - Jan. 4 actually!

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