Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh my goodness - my brother!!!

My brother and his family are being flown up to NYC for a long weekend to be in a contest on FOX NEWS. They are so pumped and I am really pumped for them. All my sister-in-law did was sign up on the internet for a "Wrap a Durango" contest and they called and said their name had been chosen! They are going to be on TV, national TV, on either Sunday or Monday. I told Brian to give Proverbs 31 shout out. I don't think he will do that, but I think he is going to say something about the Lord and reason for the season! That is way cool too, but I hope they don't cut him off or decide not to tape it. If they are the winners they will get a Dodge Durango for 2 years free, I mean a lease. And they also get $100 shopping money!! I could do something with that real quick!! Oh I hope they win and have the merriest Christmas of all!

Go Brian-Boy!!!

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