Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Orleans!!!!

Hey Girlies - just got back late last night and absolutely had the time of my life!!! If I could just stick to Mary Kay functions I would!!! Wow - those ladies are the best!!! They were hungry, actually starvin', and quenched!!! They took in every Word He spoke and frantically wrote notes on whatever they could find. It was amazing!!! I am not sure I have ever shed so many tears in my life hearing all the stories!!! Here is the coolest thing ever -

15 ladies came to know
Jesus as their Savior.

I feel like I could just sit down for the rest of the year because so much work was done in the Spirit this past week. But no, that is why I want to do even more so even more can come to know Him too!!! Girls, I am so tired my eyes are crossing, but I am so energized I can't lay down!!! I go to a Methodist church tomorrow and speak to a whole congregation - with men!!! Yikes!!! God is really stretching me!!!

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Coco said...

Dear Leigh,
You have no idea the amazing fruit your visit to Louisiana has produced in my life and so many others. My life has been radically changed for the better. thank you, thank you, thank you for saying YES to Him. I haven't slept since you left...I am so filled up that I am about to burst. Thank you so much. When you come next time we will have to rent a larger facility because there will not be enough room in our Training Center for all the hungry souls.
We love you Leigh!
Your Sister in Christ,