Monday, February 06, 2006

Vision - Please respond...

I have been studying Nehemiah for some time now and have enjoyed every bit of it. But I believe God has given me a vision to pursue, but as I think more about it I get more and more fearful. As in the book of Nehemiah, we find the walls of the church had been torn down. Well, I feel like I am seeing that all over the world. The walls of the Body of Christ are getting torn down everywhere. I find this directly in the church, but in para-church ministries as well.

I see churches not supporting each other for one reason or another. Or even more specifically I see Sunday School classes not supporting one another. I see churches not wanting to team up with other churches or ministries because they can't have total control. Or churches not working with someone because they are not "their" member. I see ministries not wanting to do things because they can't have total control. Not wanting to team up with other individuals that could help the total cause which is suppose to the advancing God's Kingdom because they don't want to have to share resource space. I see ministries wanting total name glory or they will not participate. I know there is a place in all this for protecting your name and making sure you get your fair shot and deal and all that - I know that. But I think Satan has got us held captive in our diversities and divisions. All the walls of protection are torn down because we have built our own walls of self-protection causing a huge rift! I truly believe it!

So my vision is having a few months like 7 in a year where we have a dinner and music and a speaker and the whole city is invited. But here is the catch, we would rotate the event at various churches throughout the city. If a church wasn't able to house as many as we think might be interested in coming in, they could financially support the cause to help pay for speakers and music and all that. How cool would that be to once a month be worshipping with all kinds of ladies all over the city. Not just a once a year thing, like women of Faith, but once a month at a new church every time. Once a month deals have been my passion for some time. Give ladies an extra special something to help them make it just a little more energize. A church in Spartenburg kind of does the same thing, called Ladies First Thursdays, but it stays at one church. I know my church would not want to do that, but I am not sure any church would want to. But just once a month in a year, that would be so cool. To get different churches of different denominations, all different colors and races coming together to hear the gospel, worship, and praise the Lord.

If this is what I am suppose to pursue please bring forth those that will be passionate about this as well. I don't want those that think this could be a great idea, I want passion. Help me to trust You and hear You correctly. Give me a plan and a purposeful passion to execute. I hate details so lead me to those that don't! Close the door tightly if I have heard You all wrong!! I need Your confirmation...

I love you Lord!

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angela said...

I think it is an awesome idea Leigh. Crossing over denomination barriers is going to be tough but God is really big and I BELIEVE He can do it! I think it is worth persuing... I am praying for confirmation for you either way. I love you!