Friday, February 10, 2006

You Blessed Me

What I am going to tell you al today is just absolutely unbelievable in my life!! I am in utter shock and just almost giggly! But please hear me that I am telling this completely humility and just in absolutely awe of this blessing.

When you come off from a speaking event there will always be those that tell you how great it was or how it touched them or nice things like that. I praise the Lord for those comments because I know He showed up and worked in their lives - well at least those that felt "touched". But I know there will always be those that say you did a nice job just to say you did a nice job and at times just frankly feel so sorry for you for whatever reason.

But 3 of my friends have touched me so much lately I just can not get it out of my mind! My friend Tisha has always been willing to help with whatever I am doing at my home church and will e-mail back after an event and say really nice things and tell me about how she was convicted by the Spirit or whatever. And my friend Amy Daniel is constantly encouraging me and telling me what she sees for my future, or what she would like to see for my future. And my friend Valerie is a prayer warrior. I can always trust she is praying!! But these girls have put "feet to their faith" and just have blessed me possibly without even knowing it.

Valarie is part of what I call my prayer team - an e-mail that I send to a group of people telling them of upcoming events and how to pray. She does pray I know that, but she goes the extra mile to ask about events, ask about how it went after, and if there is anything she can do in advance. That just absolutely shocks me. I am so blown away that her prayers are such that she seeks me out to know how it went. She will give me an e-mail asking about details of an event. That is just not normal. That is going above and beyond and it just speaks huge blessing to me!! She believes God is doing such a work within me that she wants to pray for it, know about, and see how it went!!! It is rare!!! This kind of concern!!

Amy Daniel just completely knocked my socks off the other night in prayer. She, like I said is always speaking encouragement and infusing me with His power through her love. But she too took it a step further and it was in her prayer. She prayed that He would show me where to go and give me more opportunities and bless all my efforts, etc. But then here is the kicker, she prayed, "Lord please show me how I can help Leigh and show me things that I can specifically do to help advance what You are doing in her life." I remember opening my eyes to look at her with shock while she was praying. I mean she has got some serious faith in what He is doing in my life so much so that it is reflected in her prayers! That blew me away!!

And finally Tisha!! I met with her the other day to discuss this "vision" He has laid on my heart. She listened to me and was with me and brainstorming and all. Then she said, "Leigh, I believe in what God is doing in your life. I know He has a plan for your speaking and I think "you have something to say" were her exact words. Would you mind if started personally contacting some churches encouraging them to have you come speak there. She would be kind of like an agent!!!! Ya'll, I about fell on the ground. She believes so much in the work He is doing in my life that she wants to take it a step further and contact churches on my behalf and speak about the way He has touched her through the words and messages He has given me!!

Yes, my momma believes in what He is doing in me, but isn't your momma suppose to. But by far I hold on to those few that question my motives and the lies Satan plants in my ears about pride and impure motives, etc more than the positive things! But God has for some reason placed these couple of people in my life to bless me in a huge way. I could never thank them enough for their encouragement and the feet they have put to their faith in Him who is doing a good work in me! It is incredible!!

Lord, thank you for blessing me with great friends and ones that see what You are doing in my life and want to be a part of it some way. Lord, I pray you continue to surround me with good people that lift up Your Name and glorify Him. I do pray huge blessings on these specific people just for the love they have shown me and the faith they have shown through their actions! Lord, protect their eyes and may they always keep them on you. Guard them for thinking I am bigger in my britches than I am. Keep me humble and gracious and in your love! Give me ideas and ways I can love back on my friends that have shown me the extra mile!! Lord, this all ultimately comes from you and I praise you for this! Y ou have evidently knew I needed an extra dose of Your love through a human touch or action!! Thank you Lord! I am blessed!

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