Friday, February 10, 2006

Moving to Nashville!

I have had a few of you write and ask about our move to Nashville. So here goes!

My husband and his business partner, Paul Bard, are buying another company in Nashville and we are the ones that get to go run that company. It has been about a 7 year prayer of ours. My husband never thought in his wildest dreams that he could stay with his company and industry that he loves so much and live in a different area. His company is very territorial, but buying the same kind of business in a different territory became possible. Clay's biggest line is GOJO, they make hand sanitizer, Purell, is also this company's biggest line - God did all that of course. Our goal has always been to get back close to family if that were His will. We have tried many times to force this, but thankfully the Lord has stopped it. We even bought another house once, ready to go, had another job and everything, but the Lord woke Clay up sick as a dog for days telling him NO!!!

I have many aunts and uncles that live in the Nashville area and it is only 3 hours from Clay's hometown in southern Illinois. Clay and I both graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tn. We feel so blessed to have had this amazing training ground at HGBC in Charlotte, but do feel He has other things in store with all He has equipped us with. Clay feels pretty certain we will help start a church someday. That is just simply amazing considering that Clay and I are nothing but available. No seminary, no big degrees, no impressive jobs - at least from me - just plain old people that love God and want to be used. WOW - what a God!!

Summer of 2007 is when we are looking to make the move. It takes that long for an acquisition to take place, I guess... I am praying for sooner because it is hard to stay focused and attached when I know my time is limited, but I press on! Only He knows, plus we have to find a buyer for the house. Anyone need a big old house. We are making it prettier, such that I may not want to leave it! I am excited to see how He is going to work that out as well. Will He do the traditional real estate agent thing or will He bring someone to us the way we actually found this house. He is going to shine that is for sure!

So that is the scoop!

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