Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Good Samaritan

Lord, just when we think are far enough down the road in our walk,then I have a stupid thought that brings me back to infancy! UGH!! I opened up the scripture the other day and went to the Good Samaritan passage. I thought, well, I guess I will take this one in, but not sure if I will be able to apply much. How pious, how ludicrous, how down right dog-gone stupid!!

Before I get to the real convicting part, I just want to thank you Lord for teaching me so much through this passage. I am not sure I was aware that the 2 people that passed him by were religious leaders. A priest and a Levite. WOW - can that be said of me on a small scale as a leader at my church? Do or have I just passed them by offering no help. Now at home I have to pass by the injured all the time. The reason is because they are faking it. They are lying there screaming not because of some hurt, but because of some manipulation scheme they have plotted. Oh they are so good at it. You know Lord, I will tend to the real injuries at home, but every momma hs been given the keen eye to detect a fake.

Well, that is where I find the real ouch of the Holy Spirit in my life. I am too quick to judge the fakes in life. I am willing to pass them by too often because I have determined they are not for real. Who made me judge, Lord - certainly not You! Oh Lord, I also see how you put me to the test quickly as well. How did I do? I was at a speaking engagement just yesterday and there was a lady, as there is at every engagement, that wants to take all your talking time so that you nearly can not talk with anyone else. And as a speaker for an event not only do you feel a responsibility to "get around", but the event planner expects that of you as well - which she should.

As I was going about my regular speaking and book sales and all that, I just thankfully heard You, Lord, whisper to me - Be the good Samaritan. So I just stood there and talk and talk and talk, well actually listened. I would interrupt her from time to time and help someone at the table, but for the most part I just listened. As I was leaving out the door I felt the Lord tug on my heart and say, "You helped bandage some of her wounds today. She just needed to talk it out and not many others will listen to her anymore in that church. Great job good Samaritan."

I left that church with a spring in my...................... toe. My feet and head were completely worn out from standing and listening to this woman - problems I could not begin to address or offer any consolation - so yes, my toe was the only one jumping for joy at His acceptance and approval.

Lord, I think modern day Christians like myself pass the injured by having caller ID, not answering e-mails, finding another route to take knowing you would run into "her" the other direction, or just not answering e-mails. But we will have our time too when we are needing help and Lord you will send the least likely to help out. Thank you for your grace and mercy!

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