Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Defeated Foe

Dear heavenly Father - I am just so overwhelmed by your power and completeness. I am in awe of all the things you coordinate and allow to happen. I am in awe at your strength and the power in which I have with in, but don't know how to access most of the time. You have given me everything I need through the Holy Spirit to do great things and defeat the defeated foe, Satan!! Wow - praise you Lord and forgive me for not understanding or grasping your power!

this morning as I read your Word I am made aware just how powerful Satan is. He is a force that I should not even reckon with and the awesome thing is - you have already done it. I am just perplexed knowing that You allow all things and are in control of all things and that just sends me into.......... It blows my mind. You know when and hw Satan is going to oppress me and you allow it as well. You know what I need to do to overcome those strongholds as Beth Moore calls them, and yet I don't access the power. The scariest thing is what I read in Luke 11:24-26.

Let's go ahead and establish that as daughters of the King, we are seal by the Holy Spirit through His blood. (Eph. 1:14, 4:30) Once I became a Christian there was nothing that could snatch me away from Him. I am His - yaaahoooooooooo!! But there are ways that Satan himself will attack me to become or stay oppressed. He will come and then he will come again and even stronger. He can only deal with me I ways that he has seen me fall before. He does not read my mind, but watches my actions and listens to my words. I wonder if he can read my blog! So Satan knows that I am a pleasing, approval seeking, words of affirmation kind of gal. I need to know what I have done right and need to be told it wa a good job. So after an event or something such as that, I just wait for the Lord to give me that "good girl" approval. Many times before I have time to stop and be with the Lord I am already listening to the lies of Satan that I did no good, I shouldn't be up there anyway, that if they really knew me, and think about what you did the other day kind of thing. The oppression can be so great at times. This can happen with anything.

Another way Satan can get me is with my eating. I have dealt with abusing my body in the past to lose weight. Not a secret anymore. But #1 Satan wanted me to tell no one and just let is be our little secret. Jesus broke through and gave me victory. But as that scripture talks about Satan coming back at you with a stronger vengeance - oh my!! I am trying to lose weight for this cruise and I have gotten to my last 5 - 10 pounds. Not as small as I really would like, but if I could just let go of 5 more and 10 more would be a real plus, I would be content with that. So #2, he is always knocking on my door reminding me of past things and how I could take care of things on my own and it be a lot faster too. He is sick and I hate that I bought those lies so long ago as well. Funny thing is that all those problems started when a "Christian" told me that I could stand to lose a few pounds. This was my freshman year of college and I was THIN and looking for a Christian man to swoop me away. Satan used this guy - a real Christian, just not a very nice one - to lead me down a yucky path and it was one I had never been down - self-destruction!

All I can say is that through confession and continual prayer, God showed me the power within supplied by HIM to break free!! Praise you Lord. Thank you for my parents and certainly my hubby!!!

I love you Lord!! I don't like focusing on the defeated foe - but oh how it points me straight back to You and you awesomeness!! Increase my love for you and my faith! I want to see You!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Leigh,
Thank you for your honesty and your spiritual insights. You are an amazing woman on fire for God. It is a blessing to call you friend.
Have a wonderful day...Lysa TerKeurst