Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Living in the Tombs

Oh Lord, I come to you this morning in a crying out, pleading manor, begging you kind of way. I have just been reading in Luke 8:26 - 29. It is the story about Jesus commanding the demon to leave the man and be cast in a the pigs. This is part of my Jesus the one and only study. It was great today!!

The thing that I noticed brought out by Beth's commentary is that the demon was living with no human dignity (naked) and living in the tombs. Notice the man possessed is still living, but among the dead. Lord, I know so many people like that. They had rather live in the pit than to do what is required to live in the Joy of Jesus! Oh how can that be. They have lost all sense of love for one another and have lost all sense respect for You and what You have saved them from and at least a bit of respect for themselves because You love them so much!! You can see the pain in their eyes and the tears that so freely flow down their cheeks. Many of these people I see, but may not know that well, have kids in their houses watching their every movement or lack of movement!

This breaks my heart and I just don't know what to do for these girls. How can I help them out of this living death? How did they get there? Why do they want to stay there? Lord, I hurt for these people that insist on being a martyr for the cause of Christ. I have even seen some that have claimed He has called them into this darkness. The scripture states that Jesus did go away for rest and rejuvenation (prayer) and even found tempting times, but He always comes out ready to do His work and with much purpose. I also notice that Jesus never stay in that solitary place for an extended time - I mean like months and months and months. Yes, he did go to the wilderness for 40 days, but He came out victorious and complete. Maybe because of our human nature we cannot be victorious as soon as Christ. I tend to believe not. Christ went through everything we have ever felt and came through shining and glorifying the Father! He did everything so we would know how to act in every situation. That is why the Word is alive and active. It never lives in the tombs and is there to keep us from the tombs! Praise the Lord.

Jesus, you know my heart and it truly does cry out for those that are captured by this living death. I do not mean to sound as if I am casting any judgment. Oh no not at all. I want these out of this stronghold and living in the joy of Jesus. Help me to encourage those in the pit and give a hand to getting out. Help me from falling in and protect my mind from accepting this kind of life.

Thank you Lord!!! Thank you for meeting with me this morning and I pray for a Spirit-filled, Jesus joy jumping, positively patient, God goodness kind of day!! Be near Lord!! I love you!

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