Thursday, March 23, 2006

Silly me - clocks

I did the stupidest (is that a word) thing last night. When I was setting my alarm for morning, I must have made a mistake and advance the clock real time one hour some how. So this morning when my alarm went off at its regular time I was so dragging. I nearly crawled right back in the bed and went to sleep. But I kept going and made it out the door. Then as I got to my desk to start my time with Him I check the clock to see if I was running on ok time. Got to stay with the schedule!! It was one hour earlier than I ever get here!!! Oh my!!!!!! No wonder I was so exhausted. So this is going to be quick and then I am going to get another hour in of sleep. Just think... the robbers and criminals could have got me today - I was out there before they had gone to sleep!! hee hee

Lord took me to Luke 17:11-17. One thing that is a recurring theme in my life right now is believing before ever receiving and then also thanking before receiving and now I see in this passage where Jesus asks the Lepers to walk and show themselves to the priest before they were actually healed. This reminds me in Isaiah where he says that Gods ways are not our ways nor His thoughts out thoughts. There seems to be so many things in scripture that are backwards to the normal way of doing things. God asks for faith - that is the bottom line. WE believe in something before we ever receive it. We thank Him in that believing before we know if He is going to move in our requests - or according to our desire - before He ever does. And then in this scene He tells the Lepers to go show themselves to the priest before they are ever healed.
But it is that walking in obedience and in faith that He then rewards or blesses or places His favor or something like that!! He requires that we trust Him first and then He moves.

Oh Lord, increase my Faith!! Remind me when I forget to come back and praise you for what you have done in my life if I forget to in the first place or even before you do anything! Out of the 10 lepers only one came back to praise Him for his healing and free life. You have healed me in so many ways and given me abundant life and joy. oh Lord, I praise you and love you and want to give my everything to you! I pray my life sing praises to you and my actions show gratefulness for your love towards me. Thank you for your blessings and favor I feel on my life!! You are incredible and you are my everything!! I love you!

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