Friday, April 07, 2006

The Long Journey

My oh my - has it been a long time since I have blogged. Even had a few people ask where I have been. That is a pretty cool feeling to know you were missed, well at least your writing. I just hardly know where to start.

March 26 - my husband ran the Baton Death March Marathon. Can you say - why would anyone do anything with the word death in it? He did extremely well and even his best friend and big muscle man, Clint Pressley, fainted after he reached the finish line about 45 minutes after Clay. I think that is the story. I was so proud of Him for completing it. So as soon as he got home the kids were on Spring Break and I was heading to the hills or for the beach. We got all ready to go and the kids came down with the awful fever virus. It was bad. They all started within about 2 days of each other. So we ended up staying home and not getting to go see my friend Tara at the beach. I was so bummed!

March 31 - we get the call that Clay's grandad was on his way to heaven. He had not died yet, but was not expected to make it through the night. He died at 10:45pm. He was a wonderful man that outlived 2 wives and was a evangelist if I had ever seen one! wow!! great man! So we got up the next morning and made our way to Illinois!! They had a wonderful Memorial service for him and was something we were so proud to have been able to go to!

April 1 - Tucker's birthday - he is 8!!!!!!!

April 3 - we just got finished with the service for Grandpa Gray and were literally heading out the door and had made it a good ways down the highway. We get an e-mail from my dad and message on my phone that my cousin, Brad Taylor, from Bradford, TN. had been killed in a tornado along with his wife and 2 small boys. So we turned the car around and headed to Bradford, Tenn. to be with my aunt and uncle and all the family! It has to be the worst thing I have ever been through in my life. Just when you think you have cried all you can, then a new person comes in the door to see my Aunt Joyce and the tears flow again! I mean it was like that the whole time we were there. Their (Brad's) house and his brother's house (Tim) were completely leveled. I mean not even one piece of wood left standing! It was like when I blow the dust off my dresser and it goes behind the dresser on the floor. The wind picked up both of their houses and blew them to pieces hundreds of feet away. There is no way they could have survived even if they had been in a bathtub. No way - there was no bathtub even left standing! I mean nothing. Just foundation and steps that were brick. Brad's brother nor his wife were not at home and that is the only reason they are living.

I know my Aunt Joyce will be ok - devastated to say the least, but ok - she has a strong faith. It is just awful for my aunt and uncle. Brad was their only child together and my uncle's only grandchildren. They were his world!

I have never seen such an outpouring of love and support in all my life. I mean we could not even begin to find places to put all the food, etc. And get this, half of the town didn't have power. But they found some way to show love and support! It was incredible!! The visitation was from 5-8pm and at 8pm they were still lined out of the chapel doors and well into the parking lot. They had the family in 2 cauffins. One child and a parent in each. It was heart-wrentching!! I can not even describe it!!

After all this, I am just dieing to go live near family. I want the Lord to do whatever He has to make this come true. I just am sick of seeing family at funerals. I saw so many of my family that I long to know better, but the last time I had seen them was at my Mama Thessel's funeral. It is just not right. I guess Clay and I have to be willing to give up a lot, but I think I am ready! I want my kids to KNOW their grandparents and their cousins!!! That has to make sense right???

April 7 - I am finally back home and doing well, but so exhausted. It was hard staying in a hotel with the kids! We are finally all well and I think are going to make it. The outpouring of love from friends around here has been amazing!!! WOW!! Charlotte is my family too!


Anonymous said...

Leigh...I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I understand about wanting to be near family. Tim feels it all the time whereas I have all of my brothers and sisters right here in Charlotte. We wrestle all the time about where to be especially since Tim's parents are in their 80's. I know God will make His will so clear to you that you will make the decisioin with real peace.
I love you. Laura T.

Blair said...

I am so sorry for your loss! I understand wanting to be closer to family, and know that I am praying for you and Clay as their are many decisions left to be made. I can not begin to tell you what a difference your family has made in so many lives including my own. The outpouring of love, wisdom, kindness along with so much else could never be repayed in this lifetime. I love you so much and so look forward to the next time I can spend time with you! Continue to fall into His arms, and pour out all your hearts desire.