Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Christianity Calling

Lord, there are a a lot of things that Christians almost "shout" out in confidence, well pride, hoping they never come true. Things that we might say to one in a hurting time, but don't know if we really believe when it is our turn to hurt. I guess I am trying to describe kind of like oxymorons of the faith! Ok, let me give some examples.

1) We say we want to desperate for God, but do we really want to go through something to get us there?

2) We say our kids are His, He has just loaned them to us. Really?

3) We say it is good to suffer for Jesus? Really?

4) We say and try to believe that all things are for a purpose and will have good come out?

5) We say we know He is in control and has our best interest at heart? Do we want Him in control?

6) We say God will make sure He gets the glory in all situations. How?

7) We say life in short. But do we want it to be?

All of these questions/statements have been going through my head and churning in my heart ever since the death of my cousins in the Tenn. Tornado. All of the above I have an easy time giving the Sunday school answer to, but what could my aunt and uncle be going through? This is not a time that I have questioned God's goodness or His authority, I have just wondered, why my cousins and why my aunt and uncle.

It is amazing to me in the beginning of time God ordained for my aunt and uncle to have Brad and then the Lord knowing they would lose him and his entire little family at 28 years old. God truly did give Brad to the Taylors for a short time, a loan. I am just in awe that God thought enough of my aunt and uncle to put them through this. He knew they could handle it and possibly even help another through it all. Even though it is so tragic, and still hurts, what an honor (doesn't seem like a very good word right now) for them to be put through this test. God's loan to them for Brad was much shorter than most, but still much longer than some very sick children. My aunt and uncle are probably the 2 most giving people in all of Bradford and possibly Tenn. So why were they taken from when they are such givers? I can not answer that question directly or specifically, but I do know this. God sits on His throne and is looking down on them. He is there to comfort and there to strengthen. We will not know why - not ever - but we can trust the One that will some day explain it all.

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