Monday, April 10, 2006

The Lord's Last Supper

Dear Lord, I am finishing up my Jesus one and Only study with Beth Moore. It has been great. Not my total favorite, but I have enjoyed getting to know my Savior better and studying His life.

I studied this morning the last supper. There were 2 sets of scripture that really hit home with me. ICor. 11:27-30. This talks about taking the Lord's supper in an unworthy manner. The scripture states that one ought to examine his own body before partaking. I love that scripture and yet find it so hard to do only for very shallow reasons. There are many times that I walk into a service at church and find out then that we are celebrating the Lord's supper - no time to prepare my mind, etc. But here is a great thing. For this Wednesday, they have put it in the bulletin so all will know that the time is coming to get our bodies and minds ready to celebrate this time! I am very pumped and excited about that!

Lord, Jesus! I want to be clean before you. I want you to cleanse me and my heart. I want you to deal with my sin and my unclean areas in my life. Those areas that may be hidden from even me. I just read recently that we can used by Satan and not even really be aware. I am sure the unawareness comes from not being filled with Him daily. Lord, not in a weird, freaky way, but just by your power and in your authority, would you please fill me today to walk in your Spirit and obey as I go? I heard a girl the other day say she wanted more than anything to be known as a woman that listened to God. I too want to be know as a woman that listens to God, but then acts in obedience as well. I know she meant the same thing.

So Lord, as I prepare to take the Lord's supper on Wednesday I have a scripture I want to be praying through. Ex. 6:6-7. It has a lot of things that God is going to do for the Israelites and I want to claim this in my life as well. "I will bring you out from under the yoke" - Lord, drive me out from the yoke of my "Egyptians". There are so many things that I find myself captive too. Release me Father and drive me away from this yoke that I get so easily entangled in!

"I will free you from being slaves to them" - break the chains that bind me. Break the past sins and free me up to do your will. Break the chains that I seem to lock myself into time and time again. free me from those that I look for approval from. Free me to be only Yours.

"I will redeem you" - Oh Lord, I think right now is a time that I need your redemption more than ever. I need you to show some light in my life and some worthiness to Your cause. I need you to redeem me from my past and from mistakes that keep creeping in. I need you to be my redemption and I praise you - You are!!

"I will take you as my own my own people and I will be your God." - Lord, I know no matter what I have done in the past of even will do in the future, You will never let me go. You will never dump me and say, Nope can't use you anymore. I know you will never cut the ties nor will you ever withhold mercy and grace and forgiveness. I am not Your child because of the great things you can do, but I am your child because You first loved me! I have read that passage many times in my life before, " you love me because I first loved you", but for today it means so much more. The closer and closer I get to you the more and more further away I feel as far as becoming more like you!

Father You know my heart and you know my desires, but I want your desires and I want your favor and I want your love and I need your redemption!

Show me my path and allow me to walk in it - Redeemed!

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