Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dreams and They Forgot

Heavenly Father, I just read about Joseph when he interpreted the dreams for the cupbearer and the chief baker. I am so amazed at how the cupbearer forgot about Joseph after he was released. I wonder why that was? I wonder if the cupbearer was afraid to ask the king to think again about releasing Joseph in fear of losing his own life? I wonder if he just wanted to do his job from now own and just be! I wonder if he really just forgot!

I know there are things in our lives that are out of our control and then there are things that we seeming have some control over. The greatest thing that I have/am learning is that God will have His way and God will see that His plan come to fruition no matter if we are "serving time" and forgotten, are redeemed like the cupbearer, or are hanged. He knows best and will make sure it happens and He will have good come out of it. We know at the end of Joseph's life he states, "What you meant to harm me, God meant for good to accomplish what is now being done."

Thank you for the work I see you doing in my life right now Lord, You have called me into a time of testing and purification, a time of separating the good from the bad, a time of sifting, and a time of restoration. I am excited to learn all I can from You and hear You call my name once again when this process is through. Make sure I learn huge lessons and not forget them. Make sure I seek your face and be near you all the time! Please develop holiness in my life and show me every step of the way. I know You long to see righteousness in my life and in whatever I do. Thank you for forgiveness - thank you for your mercies - thank you for your love - thank you for your patience. I love you and want to know just you!!!

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melanie said...

Leigh, I love your sweet heart, a heart that welcomes God's refining in your love. That's a heart for God! mel