Monday, April 24, 2006

Past 2 Events

Lord, I can not believe I have not posted this! I did an event in Weddington, NC, a MOPS group. It was awesome. I spoke on Lord, I love you, Can I have a new Car? It went really well. I was really hesitant to speak on that topic because it had been a while. But I retweaked a bunch of it and it was great. This MOPS wanted me to present the gospel and you are not going to believe this...................... 1 lady came to know the Lord and about 10 - 15 rededicated their lives. It was wonderful and beautiful and awesome. What a privilege to be a part of that!! On the tail end of a rotten week, it was the most fulfilling and most special blessing the Lord allowed me to be part of!

Thank you Lord, and thank you for allowing me to be used and experience new life in You!

Then on Saturday I went a small town near here where 3 churches, well really more than that, got together at a civic center and had a ladies event. The preachers from all the churches and deacons and men of the church served the food and it was good!!!!!!!!!!! wow!! But the evening went great. I would say there was roughly 300-325 women. They had lots of singing and lots of testimony and just a great time! I would love to go back and see many of those women. They were so kind and so willing to be obedient. I spoke on Radical Obedience and so many made commitment to God to act on it!! It was beautiful. I could not even count the number of hands!! Thank you Lord.

In the beginning of my hard week you gave me Is. 42:6-7. I didn't think about it until Renee reminded me that God was confirming the scripture in me. There are times I wonder if I should continue on in ministry because it is so hard. Hard in every area. Then He gave me that verse and allowed me to see real fruit of salvation and then fruit of rededicate!! He has called me and I can not step away. Even Clay has a new fire for me to do His will and for that I praise the Lord!!

Well, I have got to get the kids up! I love you Lord and thank you for meeting with me again!

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