Monday, April 24, 2006

Never Trust a Woman; Always Believe in God

Dear Lord,

Ever since the funeral and being gone for nearly 2 weeks from running, I am having the hardest time getting up and doing my running again. I loved doing it that early because - IT WAS DONE! But now I am having the hardest time getting up and getting it done! Please revive me in that area and get my rear in gear. I have been exercising, but I don't like taking away from time when Clay gets home or during the day when I could be cleaning the house - yeah right! ha! We shall see, but I really want to get back to it! I need to make it a priority before the cruise and then before school gets out. I don't want to get stuck this summer with a slack quiet time and exercising program.

Lord, this morning I studied about Potipher's wife and Joseph and him being wrongly accused. Was there any wrong at all that Joseph did? Did he talk to her too long? Did he flirt with her just one time? Was he naive and walk around with his shirt off? Is there no wrong at all in him?

I know when I first started hearing about Joseph as a kid it was relayed to me that he was just minding his own business, happened to tell his brothers of his dream, and then by golly, they got angry and beat him up and sold him away. I was left feeling very sorry for the young lad and how his brothers could do such a thing. But as I have gotten older I now realize that Joseph did have some fault in that.

As he was telling his older brothers about his dream where he believed they would fall down and worship him or at the very least, bow to him, he happened to have that coat of many colors on that his daddy happen to make only him. He not only was revealing his dream, but always reminding them in a way that he was the favorite. I can see where a few of them might like to get rid of him! So he was not innocent in that. Not everyone needs to know our dreams and to those that you do tell, please don't smash in their faces that in one way or another you are favored! Lord, does one ever know the favor of You is on them??? I would think not.

So that is why I wonder if Joseph might have done something wrong in the Potipher's wife event? Could he be completely innocent? Well, I guess that is something I will not know this side of heaven and I can rest not knowing all that. The most important part I will rest on is that God still took care of Joseph even after this incident guilty or not. This is one of those things that does not seem fair, does not seem of God, does not seem like it could be happening to one that has the favor of God on them.

There have been times that I have done things and been very wrong. God has disciplined and set me straight. (Never forget that means we are loved.) But there are other times that I have been innocent in things to the best of my knowledge and yet still things go hairy! I want remember that He is in control and He has purpose out of it all! I praise God for everything going in my life right now - It has brought me closer to Him and has made me look at the real purpose of things in my life.

Lord, once again I come to You thanking you for all you are doing in my life. You are still allowing event after event to come in and opportunities for me to share all you are doing in my life. Thank you! Thank you for pushing me on through rough times and for giving me hope there is another day ahead. I am in awe of how you work and for the ways that you do it. Forgive me for getting in the way and for opening my mouth when I shouldn't! Keep training me Lord. Please give me a mentor and you know my biggest dream. I love you, Lord!

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