Sunday, April 16, 2006

She Speaks

Have you ever wanted to learn to give your testimony more effectively? Maybe you feel a call to speak or write, or maybe you are not real sure? Do you need a revival in your walk?? Proverbs 31 Ministries is just about full on attendees, but a few spots are left. See below a letter from our ministry President about this exciting conference coming up:

I am praying right now that God makes a way for you to attend this > conference. I think it would be exactly the help and encouragement > you need in this season of your life. There are several things that > make our conference such a unique experience...>> *

We are concerned not just with the training of our speakers and > writers but also with giving them a personal revival to confirm or > better define their calling. Therefore, each of the main sessions are > inspirational in nature. Then are our breakout round out the > conference by being instructional and dealing with specific topics > that are essential for writers and speakers.>>

* We are both a speakers and writers conference which is both unique > and necessary. In today's market you need to have a balance of both > abilities to be effective in your ministry. A speaker must also be > able to communicate her thoughts and ideas in written form to help her > establish an effective platform. For the speakers, writing is > important in the small things like writing your bio sheet and promo > materials all the way to the bigger things of writing articles and > books. For the writers, speaking is important because most publishers > want to partner with writers who will also be able to sell their own > books via speaking at conferences and publicity opportunities.>>

* We give women hope that it really is possible to be an everyday > woman, called by God and see your calling come to fruition. All of > our team members that you see speaking at the conference are pictures > of God's ability to do extraordinary things through ordinary people. > I think it is both fun and inspirational to watch women walking our > their calling and living out their dream and have the chance to > interact with them all weekend. Plus, they are the friendliest bunch > of girls I've ever been around.>>

* Lastly, we draw women in from all over the world to our conference > which provides rich networking experiences. Though the conference is > relatively small in attendee size, usually just over 200 people, last > year we had ladies from 42 states and 5 different countries. It is so > valuable to hear what works and what doesn't in different parts of the > country and abroad. Plus, many of the attendees also serve on their > church's women's ministries and are their pulling double > duty...attending the conference and looking for good speakers to > invite to their events.>>

Please know, I am not trying to sell you on coming to our conference. > I just saw the registration numbers yesterday and we are filling up > quickly. We sell out every year. But, I do think it is something you > should seriously pray about. Even if you can't make it this year, > start saving for next year's conference. We hold this conference once > a year during the summer and it is always in Charlotte, NC. I hope to > get to meet you face to face soon.> Blessings, Lysa TerKeurst>>

Please let me know if you have any questions - I would love to help you out and see you there!!

Thanks, Leigh Gray

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