Wednesday, April 19, 2006

He Knows

He knows - My Lord! - He knows my thoughts and my motivations. He know my ups and my downs. He knows my secrets and He brings to light my mess ups. He knows my heart and He knows my gut. He knows my everything.

He knows my inspirations and my intentions. He knows my mistakes and He has disciplined me. He knows my love for Him and I know His love for me. He knows I want Him glorified and no one else. He knows He has brought me thus far and not anything else. He knows how I will continue on and He knows my halting day. He knows and I rest!!!

I have not blogged in a few days because of various reasons. My nose has been pressed to the Word and all I can say is Redeemed!!!! Redeemed by the blood, I am!!! Forgiveness has fallen on me and I shout to the mountaintop. All I need is His love and to be held in His grip!!!

I know and I rest!!

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