Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't Defend, Keep your mouth shut!!

Lord, the wisdom of your servant David is just astounding. I have never read this part of the story with such inspiration and understanding. You are speaking to me about some great things. Thank you!

I am coming from 2 Sam. 16:9-12. This is where David has fled to the Mount of Olives - interesting place with great significance - to get away from his own son Absalom who was trying to overtake the kingdom!! As he is traveling along a man comes out that had been a huge follower of Saul and is cursing the ground on which David is standing. Saying all kinds of cruel and unjust things that are undeserved and inappropriate! One of David's own men wants to kill this "dead dog" and show him who is the boss. He wants to take care of his king and not allow anymore harsh words be spoken against him.

I am just amazed at this response. He says that the man may be speaking what God has told him to say. God, the very one that made David king, may have told this man to say these things to David and about David. David goes on to say that this may be God's will "to see me in distress and then repay me with good for the cursing I received" on that day.

Holy cow - can you believe that? What a wonderful way to look at things. Instead of getting all upset, David is doing what I tell my kids all the time. If it is true, let God handle it. If it is not true, then turn away and let God handle it. Either way, turn away and let God handle it!

My kids will tell me something that someone, usually their own sibling, has said about them. It is usually a statement that has hurt them and is not the truth! I will ask my kids, "is what they say the truth?" They will always answer in a way that is just like, "Duh Mom, of course I am not ugly and a meany-head." And I will reply, "Well, then don't worry about it. If it is not true then just turn your head and keep going. If you know the truth and they are not speaking the truth, then keep moving on. God will take care of it."

I know that is much easier said than actually doing. I mean walking away and just knowing that the Lord will handle it in His own way. I want to help out the Lord so often and go ahead and start the justification or vindication of myself. I don't like to be quiet and just wait for Him to handle it. What if others begin to believe what is said. What if I am embarrassed - what if I am never told the truth about? What if it just ruins me? Well, then that is His plan too! He wants to be the "lifter of my head" and no one else. He wants to handle it all. He wants me to not care what others think and just rely on Him!

Lord, the lesson I have learned today is a good one. You have put me through this process before and it was tough. But now I think you are reminding me again to continue to keep my mouth shut. Don't be the defender of myself - Allow YOU to do the defending, etc. I hear you Lord, I will obey!! Thank you for today!! Forgive me when I fight my own battles myself!

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melanie said...

I liked this Leigh. A good lesson to teach my own kids, when hearing lies in their lives, something i've learned a lot about over the past few years. I also like what you said about not defending yourself. So hard to do, but such a route of freedome. It reminded me of a time, quite a bit ago, when I was a high school teacher and went through som yucky stuff, accusations that were not true, and after much crying, learned to let God be my defender. The truth sometimes people are not going to understand us and quite often they will misunderstand us. One thing i've been doing is asking god to show me my heart, is it pure, and then not let the enemy accuse me and try to get me to believe lies. I know my heart, God knows our hearts!
first day of summer for us! yahoo! mel