Monday, June 05, 2006

Time for Change

Oh Lord, You are worthy of all praise and adoration. I saw last night my, Your, church praise You like no other time before. We had what we call Total Praise evening. There was nothing but awesome singing and wonderful sounds all over the auditorium! It was wonderful. Emmajoy went with me and Clay stayed at home with sick kids! Heal SJ please! Thank you for that great evening and for being the lifter of my head!

I am excited to announce the first real day of being in ministry on my own. I have decided to leave Proverbs 31 ministries. It was a hard decision, but one that had to be made. In that process Lord, you brought 3 different people to me that said things in my life that had to be straight from You! Basically all three said, "Leigh, I am suppose to tell you that you can do it on your own." That is the very words that I kept telling Clay. I could never do this on my own. I need that umbrella of security and "name". And the Lord said no, I want you on your own. It was hard, but I obeyed.

The Lord has done nothing but bless from there. I even thought at one time that I was getting out of ministry - That maybe my speaking was done. But over and over He said, I am not done with you. Then He began bringing to me without any of my own doings, events through Christian Speakers 4 You. I told the Lord I would give up the reigns and just rest and be in His restoration and He has just blessed. I have Nashville, Asheville, Missouri, and Illinois in my immediate future! Then who knows what else He will bring forth!! Thank you my Lord!

Change is good, but so hard at times. Possibly the hardest thing is not knowing how the future will work. We are still waiting on the Nashville thing to work out. Oh Lord, that is our desire and You know that and I believe, have placed it there! We just need to be still! Under Your control and I really do want it that way.

Lord, thank you for getting me out of bed this morning to go running. It feels good to have that done! Heal SJ from this virus and keep the others from getting it as well. Thank you for the cooler weather! Thank you for the salvation the other day at Cornerstone and the many rededications! Thank you for allowing Tucker to win his baseball championship! Now we have All-Stars, and I am really excited. It is so much fun! May I submit to your authority today!

I love you!

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