Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nehemiah Mission

Well, I wanted to update those who know about my Nehemiah Mission - blog on 2-06-2006. (Wow, I never noticed the numbers repeating in the date like that. Then I looked up Neh. 2:6 and that is the scripture that the King gave Nehemiah permission to go, with the wife's favor I might add, and really just asked how long it would take him.) This is the vision the Lord gave me about having the churches in Charlotte come together every so often and worship, fellowship, and be encouraged!

My friend Valarie has kept the fire... Here is some really cool dialogue about what we see Him doing in our midst. Valarie is a hoot and this is great!

Ok - I'm so excited as I'm typing this that I'll try to use > correct grammar but I can't make any promises! I just spoke with > a lady that works at the day care that I knew the Lord told me to > get in touch with about our vision. Her name is ...... and > to keep it brief - the woman well - she's got a straight line with > the Lord! Oh my gosh, I can't type fast enough! Ok, anyway I > went to the church this morning to find her and don't you know the > Lord put her RIGHT IN MY PATH! Literally the first person I saw > before I even walked in the door! I asked her what the name of > her church is (check this out) Charlotte Immanuel Church of All > Nations!!!! (love that name) As I started telling her about what > we're praying about she starts crying! Literally crying! She > asked me if the Lord had given us a name yet and I said no and she > said she had it - "Hannah's Daughters". She then starts > explaining that she had a mentoring program that she used that > name for - just her and a few teenagers but that the Lord had told > her that it was gonna be a much bigger program than what she was > using that name for!! OH MY GOSH!!! Ok, then she tells me that > she's gonna get women from her church ready and they're gonna > start praying about it and for us to call her when we're ready to > get the planners together! She said - COUNT THEM IN!!! OH MY > STARS!!!! > > Can you tell I'm a bit excited? Anyway let me know your > thoughts and we've gotta get together soon and get a clear mission > on paper so we can get this going! She told me that our mother's > were the "Moses generation" but we are the "Joshua generation" > that as long as we get our feet wet in the waters God will take us > to our promised land! GIRL I WAS ABOUT TO DROP MY TEETH!!!!!!!!! > Hang on my friend! This is gonna be one of those white water > with Jesus adventures!!

THen I replied... Faithless one! ugh!!!!!!!!!

ok - let me be honest for just a moment... you know when the Lord > leads me to write a new message or a new series I always get > really scared that I am going to misinterpret, that I am not going > to get anything, or that I just can not get it together. He > always comes through in amazing ways!!! But it is me!!! I don't > like me half of the time!! makin' any sense??? > > ok - so that is where I am at with all this. I am scared! I see > Him and I know you do as well, but scared!! > > Double ok - now that I got that all out, I can go on! Still > scared and need to gather up me some scriptures, but I will be > fine!!! thanks for listening!! > > do you think you and the boys and Kayley - sorry for the > misspelling - can come over some time next week? Monday is good, > Wednesday afternoon is good, or Friday is good. or if we need > some alone serious thinking kind of time it will have to be after > next week. we have baseball tourney next week in the evening. > > I am so pumped. I think we need to ask the Lord for an overall > scripture... talk soon and let me know...

Then Valarie replied... Bless her heart! My fear almost stifled her excitement. Ugh on me!

Ok, I should've settled down a bit before I emailed you. I didn't want to take everything ... was telling me as a face to face with Jesus! It was just amazing to me how she was IMMEDIATELY in tune with the concept. Do you remember what Beth Moore spoke about at WOF? It was about getting into the river. Plus I'm doing "Believing God" and I had just finished the part about the people crossing the river and getting the "stones of remembrance" out of the water and that was what .... started talking about!!! IT BLEW MY MIND!! I agree 100% with more prayer and clarity and DEFINELTY scripture to bring this all to be honest I'm feeling a little more pulled toward scripture having to do with "UNITY" in the body, etc. I'm sorry if I freaked you out it was just one of those cool God things that I wanted to share with you. Plus, .... is so passionate for Christ that it's hard to not catch on when you're with her! Sorry.All that said, we'd love to come over and let's shoot for maybe Wed. because my birthday is Monday and we're at my sis's in New Bern today and going to the beach and I'm trying to talk Jimmy into staying til Monday instead of coming home on Sunday. Again, I'm sorry and I'll try to reel my excitement in a bit! I'm really not trying to ramrod the Holy Spirit or force God to fit MY desires! I've done that before in my life enough to know as Jimmy says "That dog don't hunt"!!!!! I love ya and sorry again!Val

Then I replied... with my head on straight!

Do not Do not Do not apologize for being pumped or excited or FILLED!!!!!!!!!! I don't want you to apologize, I was just telling you I am scared because I see His hand all over this and that scares me that He would actually see something into fruition that was a vision in my life. Like I could actually interpret something He really placed on my heart and then He actually make it happen. It just stuns me and scares me and overwhelms me and excites me and FILLS me!!! no no no, don't apologize. I need your excitement just as on certain days you will need mine. ok - get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!I woke this morning thinking Nehemiah and wanting to find a scripture. But all I felt led to was putting a name on "this". I looked through Neh. 3 that has a lot of the names of workers that helped out. I went to the internet to find a name translation thing. I was looking for Shallum or Hallohesh - those were the men that had their daughters helping to do the work. But I kept feeling a tug to Hananiah. Looked it up and it means "God has favored". That is incredible for 2 reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Lining up with the favor of God is like our theme in our house right now. If you want to be blessed by God, then you need to line yourself up in a way that He would want to bless. He still does not have to bless, but He would have more reason to if we lived in such a way to receive blessings.
2) What name does Hananiah sound so much like - Hannah, the very name the lady gave you in church.Oh girl - He is up to something!!! I can not wait to see Him do more. Hold on and watch!!We do not have to use that name, but I feel like it is a start. Let me know if you feel led to a scripture I will do the same. love you!

Oh - this just came to me - Romans 15:5-6

Do it Lord - and Do it in Your way!!! Awesomely!

One more thing... Hananiah was the perfume maker that was helping to build the wall. This was the man that was used to having a job of delicacy and prettiness and beautification and all those kinds of words. He was not a brick mason. I feel like that is what we are as women and our roles in the home, church, society, etc. Just generally speaking. Just a thought...

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