Friday, June 23, 2006

Longing to get in touch

Oh Lord, I have a strange feeling overwhelming me lately. I have a strong desire to get in touch with so many girls that I have known over the years. I don't know where this is all coming from. But I wonder what all the people I have known all over the U.S. are doing and are they fulfilled? I think about Sarah Jane Shangraw in Massena, NY. I think about Susan Reid from the same place. I am going to see my childhood best friend Lisa Shinn tomorrow. I wonder about Cassie Ensley - but she is married now. I wish I was more in touch with Suzanne Brown in Nashville. I have been in touch with Melissa Zeimer from Indiana. What about Kathryn Kenderdine in Texas? Where is Mercedes from tennis school? And the list could go on and on.

I am studying right now about Micah 6:8 and maybe for some reason it has me asking myself about how I have treated people in the past and if they ever saw any bit of Jesus in me? Did I treat them justly? Did I treat them with mercy? Was I humble before them? Lord, I have been taking each part of those verses and just restudying what they mean and what kind of things you want to speak to me about. This is also the verse that I will be using much this coming year in many engagements. Lord, LEARN ME!!! Please help me grasp the message for each listener and each heart ready to be changed by Your word through Your power. Do the work in me first!

Lord, we have been at the ball fields every single night this week watching and cheering on Tucker's team. They have yet to win a game, but are doing so well. They need much experience! But it has been so fun for all of us! Clay's parents were here Sunday through Wednesday night. I think they left at 4am on Thursday morning. It was a great time with them.

Clay has taken EJ and SJ to breakfast this morning. Oh I really wanted to go because of the hashbrowns, but it was girls date with daddy and not my turn. Soon enough! Elleigh will get to go another time too. A bit more than Clay wanted to handle. I don't blame him!

Well another day of summer. It is hot hot hot here! Almost no fun to go swimming. But we do! We are going to try to do quite a bit of yard work today. Since we have the end of the tournament on Saturday, Clay has a list for me to do today. At least I have a focus and goal! I like those kind of days!

I get to go pick up my New Orleans friends on Sunday from She Speaks. I hope the Lord touches them in a great way there! I hope they get focus on their calling and their goals as far as serving Him. I know they are ready to receive a Word!

I love you Lord! Thank you for your encouragement and your Love! May I live in Your grace today!

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