Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Baby is 5!!

Oh Lord, my baby turned 5 today. She had her best friend spend the night, Emma McClaire as we like to call her, and Emmajoy had her older sister. Tucker had Jackson the night before. I am just about sleep-overed out! Wow!! It is a lot of fun though, i think! ha!

We took SJ to the free movies this morning to see Madagascar and then out to lunch. She thought it was really special when Chloe and Grace and Chloe C. showed up as well for the movie. After lunch we headed to Build-a-Bear for her party. It was so great to see her look so surprised by all her friends and act so big as well. Of course nothing was a surprise, but for some reason she acted that way. I just loved it! We finally made our way back to the eating area for cookie cake. Yum, yum! Her friends got her so many nice gifts. She has them all in a Build-a-Bear box carrying it though the house.

I am so exhausted now. It is a lot of work to navigate through the mall with that many kids and siblings and moms! I came home and took a 20 minute nap! It is amazing how moms can sleep with one eye open. It has to be a science.

I am going to church tonight to find out what the Bible says about Sex, Living together, and purity among the singles girls. It should be an interesting time!

Thank you helping SJ to feel real special. I hope that she never forgets this day. It was a fun one!

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