Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guide me please!!!!!!!!


I have many things to make decisions about right now and they are things that require much faith not to mention money. The first one that is on my mind right now is how to get our book published. It cost so much money and then you are not "for sured" to ever recoup the money. I feel like it is very possible, but there is no guarantee. I just talked with a wonderful lady for Xulon or something like that, a Christian publisher, and it really sounds great! They can make the book available to Barnes and Noble and all that kind of stuff. But what really are the chances of someone going into that kind of store and asking for a book by me or my cousin. So I am not sure that kind of stuff is needed! It is so expensive.

The other thing is that I have my new website being worked on and that involves a lot of money as well. I guess all that is tax deductible, but still! ugh!! And even my "new" bio has outdated things on it.

I know you have called me into all this, but do you want me to make these kinds of investments? Where should the buck stop? I need your guidance and wisdom. Heather and I want to start making this book available by October. That would not be possible if I went with Xulon.

Lord, help me! We have lots of things to decide! Thank you that Clay understands the importance of getting a book published. Lord, should we go ahead and start soliciting big house publishers? Lord, what is it??? What should we do?

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Anonymous said...

Praying and thinking with you my friend! :)