Saturday, August 19, 2006

Am I in Your Will?

Lord, I think one of the many things that Clay and I are asking ourselves and each other is Am I or are we in Your will? I know that my purpose in life is to bring You glory and worship You in whatever way I can while I am on this earth. SO if that is my mindset why do I contemplate if decisions are in Your will or not? I think You have given me a revelation for my life, but I have yet to dig in Your word to search out the scriptures for the TRUTH.

In whatever situation we are in - it is my responsibility to bring glory and honor to You. No matter what. No matter how good or how bad. And so as I am going about my moment by moment daily living in my purpose/passion life gets more and more specific. I come to a fork in the road of life and need to know which way I am to go. I think what I am learning is while God does want us to take His path and live on His road, He is more interested in our heart and motives and righteousness along the path we have chosen - EVEN if it is the wrong one! My God is not so small or powerless He can not still make good of a bad, wrong, or terrible decision I have made. He is so immense and powerful and sovereign, He can make good, great, and the best of my "choosing path" mistake! It is in that mistake or even right path he is looking for the right attitude, righteousness out of my life, and a heart still seeking to glorify and honor Him AND that is living in His will.

I think I have also come to realize as we are on this path of life and living to make the right decisions and live in His will - it is a blessing when He reveals a specific thing to us. We may be asking where do we live, what do we do, how should I react, how should I handle this situation, etc., but actually living in righteousness in that situation and glorifying Him is His will. If He so feels the need to give us a specific answer, and He does so often WHEN we ask, that is just icing on the cake of living in His will. That is just another blessing He has sent down to us. He does not have to tell us anything except "worship me, glorify me, honor me" - BUT HE does. He longs to give us direction and instruction and all the specifics of life - but it is coming clearer and clearer to me that those things are just more blessings in our lives!

We must trust Him in all things even when the answers don't come! We must trust Him "in the preparation" (daily quiet time, church, worship, Bible studies, etc.) and if He gives us more detail about our lives, then praise Him even more!! In the mean time, glorify Him and honor Him where you are at!!! The heart is all He is concerned about!!! Lord, thank you for this word!

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