Friday, August 25, 2006

I Promise To God..........

I don't know when the kids learn this, but promising to God is something that seems to just roll off their tongue and seems to be so natural. This "promising to God" usually comes in a very dire strait, rash kind of moment. Even Elleigh will say - "Mom, pwomise to God I will eat my dinna if you give me some gummies." And her new phrase to add to everything is "with a chewwie (cherry) on top". She is quite the character and so cute sounding with no "r" pronunciation. But she is very rash to promise to God with a cherry on top and have no clue the consequences of it. We have taught the older kids to never promise to God because you never want to break a promise to Him. The older kids, especially my police officer, Tucker, will quickly with great glee bring her back to reality unto the fold. He reminds her of her wayward words and enjoys doing it. He is such a little preacher man! Elleigh just wants some gummies and will do whatever it takes to get some!

Lord, You have brought me to this verse this morning and I have to ask - uh oh, what have I promised or vowed to You and have let it fly or forgot. But I have to also know You can be just warning me against this kind of behavior! I have friends, like Tracy or even my momma, that when they do something or decide to do something are committed like a fierce tiger - there is no half way! I really admire that hang with it kind of behavior and wish I had more of that. Just as I could never have a boyfriend for too long - got tired of them quickly - I know I have been guilty of making vows, promises, etc. and then dropping them in no time flat.

Proverbs 20:25 It is a trap for a man to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider his vows.

I have come to find out that this "dedicate" means to call something holy or as if saying "God told me". Making a vow unto the Lord making something holy or likewise saying God told me to do this and that. The Lord has led me to fasting many times and I have vowed to be obedient. I start out and am real strong and then by a certain amount of time I am "only later considering my vow" as the scripture states. I have promised to God to obey and yet I fall very short.

I am not a very spontaneous person as far as getting up and going on some vacation at the spur of the moment. But making rash decisions I can do very well. Agree to something or agree to lead something or promising to God rashly without praying it through has definitely been a part of my life. I want to change, Lord. My friend Ashley does not operate that way all at. She will not make a rash decision - at least one of great concern or value - without consulting her husband and definitely the Lord!

Lord Jesus, I heed your warning and also ask for your forgiveness of my past rash decision making. Especially those times that I have knowingly and unknowingly blamed You for the decision - "I know God is leading me this way" or the "God told me to do this" kind of statements that make people defenseless against me. You throw out the "god-card" and they have no ammunition. Lord, I don't like what I see this morning and You have not enjoyed it for some time I am sure. Forgive me and help me to take seriously the vows I make unto you! Thank you for cleaning me up and getting this yuck out of my heart for today!! I love you my Lord!

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