Saturday, August 26, 2006

Amity Baptist Church - Denver, NC

Oh Lord oh Lord how wonderful and majestic You are!! You showed up in a great and mighty way and just blew my socks off. It all started with Valarie Elswick and her worship. She was excellent drawing in the crowd and encouraging them to sing out to the top of their lungs and really reach out for You! It was just like a professional!! I loved it!! Heck fire, she is a professional! Then she sang an incredibly beautiful song "My Father's Heart" and just about broke our hearts! It was fabulous!!! I was a wreck when I was going up there, but You allowed me to pull it together and "Spoke Thru Me" I really do believe!

The ladies at this church were incredibly generous and so lovingly kind! I got the biggest hugs I had gotten all summer. I love that! I am not a touchy person, but I love when a stranger feels comfortable enough to grab me and hug the "stuffins" out of me like my granddad used to say! It is just such a blessing. We had a couple of ladies rededicate their lives and that is worth it all. Grow them Jesus!! Thank you for the MANY that signed up as prayer partners with this, YOUR, ministry.

Thank you for today and the way You blessed me through this church! I know Dr. Brown, my pastor, was speaking today as well. Or that would be preaching for him. I pray he too was blessed awesomely! I love you Lord and am excited to hear from You tomorrow at church! Night night!

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