Friday, August 04, 2006

Let's Just Praise the Lord

We went back to the doctor today and EJ got a clean bill of health. And I do mean "bill". 6 days in a row at the doctors' is steep. But today we went in and she didn't have to any lanced and Dr. Pridemore at Elizabeth Peds, the greatest pediatrician of all time, doesn't need to see her again. In fact she said if we wanted to leave for "the tour" she felt completely safe! If we can work any of it out, I think we will not leave until Monday. Get a few more days in of bath soaks and more medicine.

Dr. Pridemore did speak with a Ped. Infectious Specialist and they determined that because of the EJ's mass infection and slight amount of fever that did present itself, it would be best to give her one more antibiotic on top of what she is taking. This is Raffamphin, or something like that. It can only be made or compounded at a few pharmacies in town. So we are going to get back out this evening and go pick that up!

This kids and I had the greatest day today shopping for school supplies, going to Lifeway, and seeing my precious friend Toyia Matthews at Chick-fil-a. What an awesome blessing it was for us all. I have been in friend withdrawal and He gave me a sweet amount of time with her! Thank you Lord.

So let's just praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for your healing, the advancement in medicine to help control this, and for the precious prayer warriors all over the country that have been praying! I can not express enough how everyone has touched me so greatly with their kind words and eloquent prayers!! Thank you Lord for the specialness of that! I pray you bless them all immensely!

God is so good!!! and I do mean ALL THE TIME!

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Angela said...

Just want you to know that I am praying for you in all of this... I can't imagine how crazy it is there.... I love you...