Thursday, August 03, 2006

Update on Emmajoy

Well, we headed back to the doctor today and had to have 2 more boils lanced and "mushed". Emmajoy screamed harder this time than ever. In fact she screamed so much that we had 3 people to hold her down and then she burst tiny blood vessels all over her chest from the stress, etc. It looks like smaller that pin size red dots on her chest. This is a bit much!

We do think the medicine is working and she has been absent of fever for today. We will see as the day goes on. The baths are still taking place, but we have had to get creative about the entertainment to keep her in there. It was fun the first 2 times, but now it is boring and not special - if you know what I mean.

Tucker and I were out in the back playing some Boccee ball when SJ ran out and exclaimed there was huge black snake in the tree closest to the deck. It was true! It was black all over and white on the belly. This creature that I had rather be dead was about 4 feet long. I took pictures!

So we are inside and trying to stay cool and entertained. Luckily there is a baseball game on for Tucker, and the girls are up playing kitties! EJ got a new toy today after the lancing today. I just had to reward her for bravery even if it was filled with much screaming, kicking, and tears. Is it bravery if you have no choice? I think so!

Jehovah-raphe! I claim Your healing powers and strength to be on my little one's immune system. Equip her cells to fight off this terrible bacteria and rid her body of all destructive "things". Lord, thank you for her bright smile, strong spirit, and glowing personality. She is being a trooper and I know that is the fact that Your presence is in her life! I know You will heal her up and I pray You also rid the house of anything else. Lord, give Clay and I the stamina to keep on keeping on and to be strong in the midst of the most painful parts. Empower us all for Your glory and for Your purpose! Thank you for Your words this morning and thank you for this wonderful, but trying, perfectly planned day! Amen

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