Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spread it out

Dear Lord, boy am I so tired with this new schedule. But I do like the schedule, just taking me a bit of time to get used to it! I went running this morning while the criminals were sleeping. (ha ha) It was still dark, but each day I feel more and more comfortable out there. My legs are more sore than they have ever been in my life. I have played some double headers in softball, been lifting weights (ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and started teaching aerobics again, and I forgot about push mowing my lawn and my dad's. Yesterday we did arms, so now the upper half of me can't move. I sure hope it takes less than a year to see some results. I would like to have nice sculpted arms some day like Susan and Lolly. We shall see!

Last night as we were laying (or is it lying) in bed Clay was telling me about reading through Nahum and what he was learning. It was all connected with Jonah and Nineveh. It was interesting what he was learning, but I didn't think much about it. This morning You led me through a devotion in 2 Kings 19:1-37. This is where King Hezekiah was being threatened by the Assyrian king, Shennenwiefwehahs (don't know how to spell it or say it). He had sent a note saying he and his army was coming to defeat the land of Judah, i believe, and that Hezekiah's God could not help in the matter. He was taunting our God. Not a good thing! All of Hezekiah's people were getting very scared and as a leader Hezekiah knew he had to be strong and shake in private.

Hezekiah took the note to the temple and "spread it out before the Lord". I love the example of prayer we can follow in this situation and in our own situations.
1) He told God who is He and how powerful He is!
2) Begs the Lord to be attentive and notice the charges against Him.
3) He acknowledges the truth and sees things the way they are.
4) He begs the Lord for a resolution and victory, but for His glory only!

God showed up that night and killed 185,00 of King Shennenaskjtijertj's army without one shot being fired. That scared the snot out of him and he began to retreat - he ran back to Nineveh. Then a crazy thing happened - his very own sons came by and killed him while he was in his temple worshipping his own god. Now how is that for an ending!

Lord, I know You are all powerful and You are the King of Kings. I acknowlegde You as sovereign and Ruler of all. I know Your plans can not be thwarted! I rest in knowing You are the Peace and Peace-maker of all the earth. You hold us in the palm of Your hands and nothing can get to me without Your permission! Lord, I beg now for You to be attentive to Clay's prayers for guidance with his company and all the decisions he is trying to make. Satan does have a plan against You involving Clay. Please protect him and Your Name! May You be glorified in these decisions and may Your Name be praised and exalted. Bring Clay to a peace and the confidence to do Your will!

Thank you that the kids had a great first day of school! I know this is a great place for them to be and I could feel Your presence as I walked through the halls! You have already worked out a carpooling situation for us and the Margraves family - Thank you! That is huge!!!

My dad is having some testing done this morning. May everything come out normal and acceptable! Keep them healthy and safe as they play in all their competitions with basketball. Mom and Dad make me so proud!

And lastly - Lord, I thank you for all the people that have contacted me recently for engagements. Those will be fun ones. Well, they all are. My schedule really starts going in about 1.5 weeks. I am ready!!!!!! I still have plenty of preparing I need to do, but I am ready to be ready! Would you please give me more engagements through Christian Speakers 4 You? Bless that business wiht more and more possible engagements for all their speakers. May they be creative in their marketing and mission! They are really neat to work for and usually allow me to go to distant places. I have seen You do it before and will wait for You to do it again! I believe! I love you and wait in expectation!

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