Monday, September 25, 2006

2nd blog today - Feedblitz

OK, I have signed up for a new thing that seems pretty cool. It is called Feedblitz. You will see it over on the sidebar where the archives are and the other links.

If I understand what I have done........................ It is a free thing that you can sign up that will send you my blog everyday instead of you having to remember to check it...

It does require you to subscribe, but it is pretty simple. I have subscribed to one lady's blog, Jenny, and it has been great. Because I don't know her that well, and therefore do not think of her too often, her blogs just come right to me even when I forget to check it out. I thought it was pretty cool!

So if you are interested, sign up and see if you like it. You can cancel at any time and I will never know!! Cool?, cool!!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Virginia (Jenny) said...

You're doing great! :) If you ever want to add background on your site you can go to and go to "background". It's so fun because every now and then I change mine. That's how I got the black sparkles on my site. :)