Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steadfast Loyalty

Lord Jesus, You did it!! You did it!! You did it again!!! Thank you again for getting me up to go running a second day in a row. Praise You Lord - I know You want me to be in shape and it feels good to be getting there! Heal my legs as they are so sore from lifting weights again after having to take off 3 weeks from surgery.

Lord, we had some church again this morning at my kitchen table. Thank you for meeting me there and for speaking a WORD into me. Oh it is already a grand and glorious day! I am coming straight from a Daniel lesson by Beth Moore. Nothing original of my own, but what You have spoken to me through this! Thank you!

1 Chron. 29:17-19
17 I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity. All these things have I given willingly and with honest intent. And now I have seen with joy how willingly your people who are here have given to you. 18 O LORD, God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Israel, keep this desire in the hearts of your people forever, and keep their hearts loyal to you. 19 And give my son Solomon the wholehearted devotion to keep your commands, requirements and decrees and to do everything to build the palatial structure for which I have provided."

Lord, the first thing I am so impressed by is that You test our hearts for integrity and then are pleased if You find it there. Integrity - is that hard to find? Is it hard to dig up out of my life? Is it something that has grown over time? Lord, can you find it at all? When the lights are out and I am by myself how then is my integrity and my resolve to serve You?

What I have learned about this passage is that David is talking to the Lord here. He is thanking the Lord for the the gifts all the people have brought to help build the tabernacle. David is probably on his death bed or close to it. He is praying for his son Solomon to stay true to their convictions, integrity, and to all that the Lord has ever been to them.

It a very like manner I have prayed this very prayer so often for Clay. I pray often for him to never lose the fire You have started in his heart. Lord, may He give joyfully to you and be devoted to Your purposes and Your ways. I pray that He would never turn from what God has purposed in our hearts and the plans He is seeing into fruition. I pray often that God would keep Clay so close and whisper the dreams and hopes of our family into his ear so that he can lead us with integrity and confidence - even if I never get to hear the dreams for myself. "Keep the desire is 'his' heart forever." Give Clay the wholehearted devotion to keep Your commands, requirements, and decrees and to do everything You want him to do!!

The last part I was struck by was the "keep their hearts loyal to you". That loyal means to be prepared, to be steadfast, to have resolve, - basically know how you stand before/when the pressure hits or the heat is turned up. Oh Lord, I know the pressure gets turned up often on Clay - allow him to know how to stand without question and without wavering. I pray he has been well trained in the preparation so that when the war comes there is no question. The battles of the mind, the battles of work, the battles of internal struggle, the battles of any degree - allow him to keep his heart loyal to You and You alone!

I love him Lord!!! Thank you for his leadership and his sweetness! May our lives be as worship to You! Amen!

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Stephanie said...

I just happened upon your blog by hitting the "next blog" button at the top of my own blog. What a pleasant surprise to see the musings and prayers of another believer. Bless you and your ministry!