Monday, September 11, 2006

Anger you to Death

Oh Lord, our Sunday School teacher has just an unbelievable way of teaching. He lands the plane softly, but the power punch is there! You just don't feel it that much, but you certainly get the point and there is great time for You to convict.

Yesterday we were in Matthew 5:21ff. He commented on the interesting fact that God put anger and death in the same analogy. Now we may want to kill someone so to speak, but rarely are many or any of us going to do it. I mean actually kill. But his point was that when we are angry with someone they might as well be dead to us because of the way we write them off and cut them off from any kind of love and forgiveness. It is that love and forgiveness that bring life and restoration or completion.

I think another interesting thing I have found in my life, it is the one that is angry and not allowing forgiveness to flow that is held captive. There are many times we as women don't even allow the other person to know we are angry - oh others around us know we are angry at them............ So we are imprisoned to our thoughts, sins, and especially anger because the other person doesn't know or hasn't realized. When they go on and live their lives in the bliss of not knowing that makes us more angry and more of a prisoner! Then we want to kill.

Oh Lord, anger is not something that I think I deal with too much, but I know as soon as I say that - hear comes trouble. But then again, I sense myself dividing up anger. Anger for others, for my husband and then for the kids. If I would really look at anger in its totality, then there might be an issue. I think at times I tend to group things - those things that are part of family are given less of a rating - but they should be given the most weight! So Jesus, I hear you! I need to be more conscious of my anger and the way it captivates and imprisons me! Help me to be more aware of my words I use in anger and to be aware of the way I deal out my anger. This is so not pretty, but it is real. I want to deal with this ugly stuff. Thank you for this morning, the Word You have spoken over me and for the wonderful Spirit-filled day we have ahead. Protect Clay today. Allow Tucker to do well in his game tonight and allow all our plans to work out as far as Bible study tonight!!! I love you!

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