Saturday, September 09, 2006


Can anyone out there help me return my blog to the way it used to look???? If you go to the very bottom you will there is my profile and links, etc............. That is not where it is suppose to be!!!

please, can anyone help me???? I have ask Blogger and they just basically give you an automated answer!!! Please help - it looks terrible!!




John Hicks said...

I have the same problem - if you resolve it would you please let me know how.
Many thanks.

becky said...

what was the last thing you added before it did this? delete that and see if that fixes it. my friend had the same problem, but her's was caused by some pictures that were too large. Maybe the visitor counter is throwing things off ... i think that's new? I'll check with my other bloggin buddy and see what she says.

Leigh Gray said...

No - what i did was take away Google Adsense. I have not added anything in a long time!!! ugh!!!


Let me know if the bloggin buddy knows anything!