Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Everything

Oh Lord, my Jesus, Savior, and my everything! I am way tired this morning, but everyday gets better and better since the surgery. Thank you for the continued healing. I am on my way out the door today to go speak in Lancaster, SC to a MOM 2 MOM group. I love those kind - we are all in the same stage of life. Every time I go out to share Your words, I get fearful that I have not prepared enough, that I have misinterpreted what you wanted me to share, or that I am so full of myself there is no room for You to work. Lord, I know I am prepared adequately as this is a topic I have done many times - possibly my most requested, Beauty and the Bedroom. I don't feel like I have misunderstood what You wanted me to share as the planner and I talked through what her group needed and prayed through the details. So it comes down to being full of myself.

Being full of yourself can be so ugly. Lord, please empty me out. Fill me to the brim with Your Spirit and take all the plans of Satan to be trampled by Your mighty foot! Lord, so many times I don't see me full of me, until it is too late. Or there are other times that I don't see me full of me until I have hurt feelings or made a major mistake. Lord, thank you for knowing my heart and judging me with your righteousness and grace. But at the same time You are the only One that truly knows what my true intentions and motivations. You see clearly through the "me" that I get filled with sometimes.

Lord, this morning I come to You with nothing more than a heart longing to be filled up with You. I find so much joy in my salvation when I am at my weakest - "For when I am weak, He is Strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so." I need you physically, mentally, spiritually, and even financially - have to get gas this morning, but the prices have come down a tad. Thank you!! My body is still weak. Mentally - I am a bit bogged down with things to do, decisions to be made, etc. Spiritually - I feel a bit overwhelmed and am ever aware the defeated one wants His way with me. Financially, you have supplied all my needs and I thank you for that. In every way You are more than enough!

In Phil. 4:14-19 Paul is commending a church or group of people that have sent him aid and supplies even long after he was well supplied for. He comments about the others that have never helped him out, but is so thankful for this one church that is so wonderful and gracious! Lord, I am so thankful to You for when we cry out - You come to our rescue. You may plan on supplying our needs through human hands or You just gently reach down and touch me in Your own way - whatever the need is! Thank you! My need this morning is to be filled with You and speak nothing but Your words and see marriages rejuvenated. That is my hope! I do not want to make You look bad, nor do I want to do anything to disgrace Your name. Protect me from me, Lord. You know I can be my worst enemy. Fill me , Lord, Fill me, I beg You!! I love You!

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