Thursday, September 07, 2006

Babylon - world power

Dear Jesus, I have finally started the awesome study of Daniel last night. I am so excited to really dig in and glean mounds of spiritual insight through the help of Beth Moore. My friend Susan Hughes is doing this with me, well I mean she is one of the ones I know in the class - meeting me there. There is a ton! Lord, please help Susan to not feel overwhelmed, but really gain a love for this kind of study and a life changing experience. Susan is by far one of the most encouraging and kind ladies that I know, except when you are in the weight room with her. Ouch - then she kills you! This is her first Beth study and I pray she just loves it!

Lord, I did not get to see the very end of the video because I had to pick up the kids! There is a commitment thing that we were to sign, but I am not sure what it was. I need to find out so I can be up to par! I hope I never have to miss any of the video again. I so appreciate Libby starting the video first and then doing group discussion. It allows moms of kids to get involved, but still be on time to get the kids!! Awesome! Most of Beth classes are 2 hours!

This morning she reiterated a lot of the video last night, but also guided us in committing to not get sucked in any further than we, I, already am to the culture in which we live. The whole time I was thinking about the "mission" you have placed on Clay and mine hearts in the past year about being different than the rest of the world. Just looking at us from the curb we are not much different and that is something we want to change, but it is neat how You are changing us from the inside out. We have a revival going on in my house and to God be all the glory. As I was speaking yesterday to a group of young moms in Lancaster, SC about Beauty and the Bedroom, seeing Clay seek the Lord on his face is by far one of the most attractive things to me! The Lord has set a fire in him and that can not be helped but to follow. But collectively we have seen how we too have been sucked into the world or culture of our day. The house, the cars, the clothes, the schooling, the dinners, the sports, the advancements,...................... it goes on and on. Yes, we call it blessing as Beth Moore did last night, but it is a matter of the heart and intentions. It is a death or depression of excessiveness if taken too far. Protect us Lord.

Jesus, Daniel was such a young boy when he made the decision along with his 3 friends to stand up and not take part. Not eat at the king's table or even his defiled, unclean food. How, how can I ever teach my son and girls to stand up and be different. There are some days I think we are getting it, but then there are other days I can see my older ones are way not getting it!! I know they are so young, but it is never too early to start molding and shaping. Lord Jesus, in spite of me, please help my kids to grasp Your Word, confidence, and Your love! I want kids that love you more than anything and to serve You in any manner you see fit. Not necessarily in the church or in ministry, but serve You day in and day out! Oh Lord, please do the work and clean up my major mistakes! I fail way too often with my kids!

Well, Lord I want to be aware of where You are working today. I know I may be meeting with a friend that is going through marriage problems again. Allow me to listen more than anything, but if there is any wisdom from You to give, please allow only Your words to come forth! If not that, I may be getting ready for a dinner party tomorrow evening here at the house and lunch with Melissa! Thank you Lord, for today and for your grace. I am just overwhelmed by that! As much as I mess up, let's call it what it is, SIN, and as much as I say without thinking and You still allow me to deliver and encourage through Your Word is just amazing. My heart can be awfully filthy and thank you for making me clean and whole and usable! I want to be real! I love you!


Elizabeth Brown said...

Hi! I love your thoughts on living a life not defined by our culture! I get sent updates from Focus on the Family and thought this new program they have was really interesting. There are great articles on the link!

Leigh Gray said...

Hey - thanks!!! i love almost everything that Focus has ever put out. I will check it out!!! Thanks and have a great weekend!!


Virginia (Jenny) said...

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