Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh my Hair

Dear Jesus - Thank you for my family being all back together and safe at home. It is tough when Clay is gone and just before it gets to be too many days, he comes back. SJ was at that point yesterday. She was crying about everything and then finally just fell on the floor and said, "I just want to see my daddy." That explained it all and was just so precious. So we are so glad to have him back from a working trip.

Luke 12:7 says, "the very hairs on our head are numbered". Oh Lord, I take such comfort in that. I feel like at times I don't know what You are doing with me, with us as a family, and yet You even know every time I lose a hair or even grow a new one. You are so into details and I love that. I am not a details person at all, but there are certain things that You do allow me to be detail freaky about. One of those is Your Word. I love knowing all the ins and outs of it. There are many times it takes me days and days to discover what it is You are trying to say, but finally in the tiniest Word, You reveal the message to me. It is all about persistence.

There are a lot of things I wish I was more of or even less of, but being a detailed person is not one I aspire to be too much of. It seems to controlling and obsessive. My Tucker is very detailed oriented and sometimes it drives me crazy. He will correct me on a word or statement that I said that may have not been exactly the way it was. He will make a point to show me where I "erred" in my ways or message. Maybe that is a controlling issue on my part. I don't want a little guy showing me my faults or mishaps at best. Only He knows.

The other thing I love about this detailed verse is that it is expressing to me how detailed and specific the Lord longs for us to be in prayer. He wants to know all the details. At times I think it thrills His heart to know we have noticed the intricate ways He has put something together! As I am more specific in my prayers, I can praise Him more knowing He is the one truly in control. I can sense His power and trust His hand because I had been specific in my prayers. I know You don't always answer the way I specifically ask, but You do take the time to allow me to see the new details when You so desire!

Lord, You are amazing. I love Your Word and I love You! Thank you for allowing all my no-detailed dreams come true. (So many times I don't even know what I desire.) Help me to express more specifically my requests AND my sin to You. Never let me get away with "Forgive me of my sin." That does not honor You at all. Holy Father - show me my steps for today. Protect us all and allow us to see You detailed throughout the day. And Lord, please help the hairs on my head to go the right way!!! Amen!

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melanie said...

Hi sweetie - oh what a wonderful God we serve. thank you for your heart in this post.

About your blog - this happened to me once when I put photos in that were too large to fit across so it moved everything else down. Try taking a big blog? maybe the walmart one? and see if it moves everything back up. that's my only suggestion. i'll pray - i know frustrating that can be! mel