Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who/What is my Strong One?

OK - in my Daniel study, we are up to the point where Daniel has given the interpretation to the dream, he has been assigned to the palace, 16 years have passed, and now King Neb. is demanding everyone bow to his statue. The 3 amigos are in the fields/in the regular world and the sound blows for all to bow. They do not and will not. Always before, from what I understand, at those times when great courage is needed they have always had Daniel by their side to be the "Strong One", the one to set the example, the one to set the standard, also the one to copy. But Daniel is back in the palace and no where to be found.

In the study last night Beth Moore was asking us who is our strong one. I immediately thought of Rae Deal, Bonita Harrell, Ashley Teague, Sherri Hopper, Libby Williams - at a church my size the list could go on and on. And then her second one was - what happens when they are gone, moved, or just not around. Will you still be able to stand, will you still be able to worship, will you still be as committed as before? Lord, you have taken me through that very scenario before. You moved Rae Deal out of my life, Ashley Teague (although we are back with them at North) you moved her away from me, Bonita - I have moved from as far as being at North, Sherri and I could never get our schedules right, and Mrs. Libby was moved to North as well. Was I able to stand, I think so to some degree, but I know that sure has been my request for so long to bring another Strong One in my life!! I would love a mentor!

But You also reminded me of some other Strong Ones in my life. My college girls so inspired me and motivated me. Now you have brough the strong single girls in my life. Christian school is a Strong One in my life and may not be there forever. Once that is taken away will I be able to stand? or at least my kids stand? And the vast amount of solid Christian girls you have surrounded me with in Charlotte, NC. As a whole they have been my Strong One(s), and some I have been a Strong One for and visa versa. In many ways Proverbs 31 Ministries was a Strong One for me. You have since taken that away and I am standing on my own. Scary, lonely, but so rewarding and so beautiful and deep. Thank you!

If You were to ever send Clay and I on the mission field, like you have done with Angela Elrod, would we be able to stand and still worship. Oh I pray it would never even be a thought otherwise.

Lord, I know it, I can feel it way down deep, You are preparing me for a change. What could that be? Possibly a stripping of Strong Ones again. Can I stand? It is time to step up. Do your thing, Lord. Please flow in more opportutnites for me to stand and more opportunities for me to "shout". I love you Father!

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