Thursday, October 19, 2006

Be Still My Heart

Oh Lord, I can feel Your love all around and I thank you so much for that. I thank you for the hardest of times and that I can grow closer and closer to You. I thank you for the ability to hear You clearly and to know how You speak to my heart. I thank you for Your kindness and being so obvious in the smallest of things. I thank you that You never fail me and that I can trust 100% of Your character. I know that you bless a pure heart and a heart waiting to please You. I wish my heart were always looking to please You and that it was pure in motives and intentions, but I know You are working on that too.

Yesterday was a busy day and one that I needed to hear from You before I ever started it. We met early and had such a special time! Thank you! I was finishing up my study in Daniel, I mean week 6. Beth Moore was summing up the first part of Daniel and having us review his faithfulness and being obedient in the small things. He could have done the things just to "keep his head" and yet still praised God in private. He could have gone along with general population as I am sure many of the other exiles were doing, we don't know, but then we would have not had the awesome stories of the Lion's Den and the fiery furnace! We would not been able to see our Big God work. So all in all, we have seen Daniel be faithful in the small things so that when the big things came up, it was easy and natural for Him to obey! Oh how that speaks to me!

I also loved the part of Ps 137 when the Babylonian exiles are sitting next to the waters and crying because their rescue has yet to come. There is a person either near by or one of them telling about the person near by taunting their Songs of Praise - basically making fun, not understanding, not accepting, not grasping their relationship with their God and how they communicated with Him. The taunter is telling them to sing their little songs to God. Beth Moore implores us to keep singing those songs. Stay the course, sing when there is no understanding!

Beth Moore wrote "The Apostle Paul posed a wonderful answer in Phil. 4:4 - "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice." The world can't help but notice the ones accosted by joy. The world also can't help but notice a life that seems to work. Our lives can become flesh and blood felt boards of great and glorious paradox: life is found by losing it for the sake of Christ. A vessel is filled by pouring out. The key to receiving is giving. The key to living is dying to self. The greatest in the kingdom is the servant of all. God has been right all along. His upside down path is the only way to true contentment and satisfaction. The world's claim of happiness is betrayed by an ever-increasing lust for more. Nothing ever suffices. Nothing ever will. Christ alone satisfies the ailing human soul.

I will follow. Praise You Lord!

Oh Lord, I am so excited for You to come again. This morning was wonderful as well as we went DEEP into prophesy and end times. I love it and love how she is addressing it. SLOW! We talked about the 4 beasts and the unidentifiable one that will crush all others! Yeah!! I learned the meaning of Ancient of Days of which I have never understood. Sung about it, but never understood it! From what I learned and understood, You are on your throne of judgment and do not and have not and will not let one wrong go not made right. You see it all even when it looks like we have gotten away with "that one". As Christians we will meet You at the Judgment Seat of Christ and the unsaved will meet You at the Great White Throne of judgment. You will crush that little horn!!!

We are waiting Lord. Please do Your thing and then come get us! May we be a beautiful and pleasing bride!

I go to Union, SC tonight and Tisha is going with me. I am speaking on a Balanced Lifestyle - i love this topic. May You be all over that place and work in many, many lives! I love you!

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