Friday, October 20, 2006

Greatest Country Church EVER!

I think i went to the greatest country church ever last night! It was out in the middle of....... well, i am not sure where I was, but it was a beautiful and Spirit-filled church. I can tell you right now it is a church with much vision. They have a very young pastor and he loves the Lord. It was so obvious. He was serving the ladies and cutting up with them and just having a ball. He hung around throughout the service because he wanted to make sure his ladies were hearing the Word. He made a point to really make me feel at home and encouraged me so much. Now his wife - it gets even better. She was asked to pray with me before anything ever started. She knows her Lord. She is a woman that LOVES the Lord and her church. The ladies love her as well and she was so real!! It was amazing. I had not been to many churches like this at all. There were many older women at the church and that usually means tradition. It also usually means don't rock the boat nor change pastors. Having such a young couple pastor that church is a church with a vision. I just can not say enough of how special that whole night was and the church even more so. Just ask Tisha!! She felt it too! Phillipi Church - go see it!

Jesus, the best part was that You drew possibly 15-20 ladies to You last night as Lord and Savior. It was incredible. I asked if anyone wanted to know my Jesus and the hands just kept raising. Then you asked me to ask them again and more hands were raised. I might even be really miscalculating in 15-20. It was incredible! As far a responding to a conviction that He might have placed as a result of the message, there is no way i could even count! Oh Lord, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of that! That is when i am just about as overwhelmed as i possibly can be. When you allow me to lead someone to the knowledge of You, that is just indescribable. Thank you thank you thank you!

This morning i learned about the "little horn" in Daniel 7:8. This little horn is believed to be Satan or the demonic forces in his kingdom. I think it is interesting that it is called little horn. I do like "little" because it reminds me of his ultimate little power and how Lord Almighty is so big He will crush him with just one little smoosh of a heel! But i also think the term "little" is also kind of telling. Satan will try to be unnoticed. He will try to disguise himself and just fit in. He will not make himself obvious and real apparent! We will think we are giving our kids a little better perspective of what the world is about, just a tad bit of worldy exposure even in our churches, but that is just satan's "little" way of keeping us from giving them directing information from the Word. We want to make ministry pretty and fun and exciting......... a show........... and at times never even get to the Word because we were so busy giving them just a small dose of the world as if they wil not recognize it when they are out there! If we are the real Christians and churches that we are suppose to be then when our kids leave the church (I mean literally) or leave the presence of a real Bible believing Christian, then they should see a difference and know a difference. Our kids should never have to wonder what is church and what is not because it looks so much like the world. OK - that was a major tangent, but even the pastor last night thanked me for not bringing "fluff" as Tisha and i call it and really telling the ladies what God's Word says! I never want to be know as "feel good". I want to always tell it like it is with grace and mercy, but the honest truth. I am not into sugar coating something so that one is comfortable. I am not into story telling. "Little horn" is deceiving us and pastors and churches all over the US. We are giving too many of our kids fluff and we are allowing too much fluff into our churches and not taking a stand for sound Godly preaching! "little horn" is having a blast!!!

Lord, if you need to start with me - do it. Do what you have to do in me so that i can begin to make a change and accept no fluff in my life. Do what you have to do to draw more and more closer to the Word and not stand for the fluff! "Little horn" will not win, I am sure of that, but let us not even be into the game of lies!!! Be strong and courageous!!!

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