Thursday, October 26, 2006

He is working on me!

Lord Jesus - I can see you in so many small things and working in my life and i thank you for that. This morning i was studying about Alexander the Great. He did great things, but died very young, alcoholic, and feeling as if there was nothing more he could do. He was very proud of his success, but still wanted more. We were encouraged this morning to not ask God to do great thing through you, but to ask God to do great things. If He chooses to use you in that process of doing something great then wonderful. But asking God to do great things through you only leads to pride and that leads to destruction! Alexander represented the shaggy goat with a horn in Daniel 8. It was the first king of the Grecian empire. I really like learning all this stuff, but at times it is a bit overwhelming.

Lord, thank you for the ways you have allowed me to not eat lunch and try to be obedient in that way. You have rewarded me with a few more gift cards - THANK YOU! I was able to go to Panera twice on one card and that was soooooooooooooooooooo nice. But now that is gone. Thank you for the treat though!

My exercising has really taken a huge slide. I have been really busy in the evenings getting things ready for school, making plans with Clay, on the computer setting up events, Yes, Lord, you are right - EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i have not been able to get up and spend that time out on the road. I really do miss it, but have just not done it. I am still working out in the weight room which i love that only because of the fun girl time, but i need more - no, my body needs more. I almost went to join Weight watchers the other day, i was mad at myself, but then thought wiser. I told Clay about it and he said he would not have been happy about that! I was talking with my friend yesterday, Leslie, and she was saying it is so hard to be a spiritually disciplined person and a physically discipline person. We are both aerobic instructors, both have 4 kids, and both in the ministry! I totally agree. BUT there has to be a balance.

Speaking of Leslie - she is my friend that works at a radio station. I actually went in yesterday and watched her "at work". It was so fun! I could totally see myself doing that. Isn't it funny how when you grow up you regret the things that you should have done. I think i recall my parents telling me to do public relations or communications, etc, but the speech class scared me to death. Isn't that funny! But it was great to be with Leslie. She loves Jesus and is so gifted in finding just the right scripture to go with the next song or whatever! That part was amazing because none of it was planned. She actually put me on the air for a tad and i was scared to death and it think i talked about 110mph. It was great fun!

We are going this weekend to Illinois to find a house hopefully to live in for a few years before we build. Wouldn't it be great to find the house and not have to build. I am scared of building. Tucker and Emmajoy are excited to walk through their new school and see what that might look like. Their attitudes are good right now. Even though Tucker is excited, i think the change will be the toughest on him. EJ is very sad to leave her friends and school one day and then excited the next day. I don't predict any rough spots for her personality.

I can remember moving from Texas, really the only place i had ever lived at that time other than being born in Tn., in the 4th grade. My best friend, Jennifer Meffert, and i sat on the curb down by the creek and the swinging tire and cried our eyes out because i was moving to New York. (She eventually moved to Brazil - things can always be worse.) That is such a special memory. Charlotte is now the only other place i have lived longer than Texas - 11 years vs. 9 years. I have many of the same sad feelings, but still the excitement. I remember thinking that my family's move to New York meant that my mom would walk me to school everyday or we would at least take a huge subway or something like that! The little town that we moved to was about 6 hours from NYC and no subway in site. I did walk to school everyday, up hill both ways and yes, in 3 feet of snow. That is really no lie! But it was great and i loved living there until the end. That was only because Jr. high was really hard on me. I think my parents probably regret me having to put down tennis for those 4 years, but He was faithful to bring it back, as far as the talent, and still rewarded me with a scholarship.

God has always proven Himself so faithful (even though He has nothing to prove) and wonderfully provided all my needs especially friends. I enjoy trusting Him in this move and the little things. We have a few things to fix in this house before we can put it on the market, but we do have an interested buyer. Oh Lord, that would just be so awesome if you would bless us that way in not having to get a realtor and just being able to sell it outright. Would You do that? I know You can, just not sure if that is Your plan. Cleaning this house makes me much more ready for something smaller, but at the same time everything has its place here. I know we will be possibly be a tad squoosh for a while somewhere else. You will see us through! I love you!

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theresa said...

Oh I do not envy you right now. I hope the market is much better than it is here. ;)

We finally may have an interested buyer...we're waiting to see if they are qualified for the amount. We are praying like nobody's business!

I know this is SO hard to remember, I have to remember daily that God has a plan and our house will sell on His schedule not ours.

If only I could live by that EVERY day.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed perusing you site. Happy Halloween!