Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Do you know what you are looking for?

Lord Jesus - i know i concentrate so much on being able to identify You, being able to discern Your voice, being able to see you and know it is You! But i think it is important that we recognize the Deceiver and just how wonderfully he can make things looks so good and even godly to a degree.

So very quickly this is what i have learned as far as what the antichrist will look like....

Beautiful - he is actually called the anointed cherub and was very proud of his appearance
Will have many different titles
He will be a Gentile
Will be from a reunited Roman Empire - we are stil living in that today
an intellectual genius
A great and persuasive speaker
A political genius
One great with business trading, commercial dealings, etc.
Great military leader and strategist
Even a great religious genius.
He will be proud, but yet humble to a degree. (remember when someone has one hand kind of like saying stop at you, but the other hand is behind motioning come on or keep them coming. This is what I imagine on a very basic level.)
Great seducer
Extremely cunning
Oppressor of the saints
Change the laws and times - may do away with religious holidays, etc.

An evil genius

The last is so dangerous because this "one" will be counterfeiting everything that God does and has made, etc, but ever so deceivingly. So many will be enticed into the schemes thinking that this is a great one to follow and even one looking very honest, good, and upstanding.

Oppressor of the saints - This literally means in Daniel 7:25 "to wear away, to wear out" He will push and shove and "wear out" the saints, believers, until they believe they can not stand it anymore. Oh Lord, only You know how much i could take and handle. I pray You are raising up those people that can endure the oppression and hold tightly to You! We have got to change our viewpoints and realize that we really do not war against "flesh and blood". When we are just slightly oppressed, and that is about the only i can describe it since i live in US, it is Satan. He is the one that is tearing me down and wearing me out. Now hold on a minute - this oppression can come through a fellow believer. Yes, there is nothing more that Satan loves than to use one of God's soldiers to oppress one on the same team! There are many times i have been deceived by Satan and used to "oppress" someone when i was thinking that my way was right and that i knew best. Oh Lord, forgive me for those times and help me to see an eternal perspective! I don't want to be used by Satan! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you see him? - little horn? - he is beautiful and amazing, but not like my God! Would you be able to recognize him? There are even people that i can think of right now, still living, that fit this description. Oh Lord Jesus, keep my eyes open and keep me aware of my surroundings! Help me to be smart and wise beyond my years. (I know that is a HUGE requests.) I want to learn even more!!! Learn me Lord!! I love you!

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