Monday, October 16, 2006

I Am Taking This For Real!

Lord Jesus - thank you so much for the precious time out on the morning jog. It was wonderful. I wonder if anyone hears me singing... It would be just horrible since i can barely breath anyway with running! But we did have a time and I thank You for coming along!

As i was rounding the curve and about to make the turn to go down (let's not make things too hard) the huge hill Breathe came on! My kids call it the Desperate song. Lord, I am desperate for You. Clay and I are making a huge change in our lives and we are desperate to stay in Your will. On paper it seems foolish, crazy, absurd, insane, etc. But as we have prayed about it and have asked for confirmations - it is there! "This is the way, we are walking in it" as the scripture states. As i was then running up the hill i was crying out to You to make changes in me for the future. I want to be ready for whatever you are doing. My old youth minister, Ergun Caner said not too long ago, "It is no big deal to say,'Lord, what do you want with my life? Please show me and I will do it.'" That kind of still puts us in control. But a more appropriate prayer and one that God can really quickly answer is, "I will do it, Lord. I will go, Lord. Now where is it or what is it?" And i think that is where i am at. I am desperate for Him - He is my very great reward as You say in Genesis - Now He is ready to reveal....................................... is what i feel like.

So i reply while running, "I want to be a city on a hill, I want to be the salt and light, I want to be whatever You can use. Fill me, Fill me, Fill me, Lord. Make me ready." Then in wonderful timely fashion as You always do, Father, You responded with another song as i was climbing the driveway. Selah - "Hold On". Hold on just a little while longer. Hold on!

So Lord, I wait!! I wait with great expectation - Ps. 5:3. I wait for Your amazing things - Joshua 3:5. I wait for Your will to be revealed. I wait for my great reward even though i feel like i already have that - nothing to what seeing You face to face will be like someday. I am taking this walk for real and I know You will be there every step of the way. I love you!

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GiBee said...

Excellent post, Leigh! I love both of those songs, and I love the emotion you have put into seeking the Lord and his will!