Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The End

Wow Lord - I just finished my Daniel study. I still have so many questions. I still have so many things that i never knew were going to happen...

1) Satan will be captured and then loosed for a short time.

2) We will be judged on what we have done - pure motives, missed opportunities, etc.

3) There is a whole lot of stuff that has to happen before the end ever comes and this is after Christ actually returns!

4) During Christ's reign there is the possibility of someone to reject Him and not get saved.

5) Death is Christ's worst enemy and what he will destroy last!!

6)There will be a time when Satan is captured and man will still reject Christ. This is to prove that man is "rotten" (in my words) and can not blame Satan for their own rejecting of Christ.

Lord Jesus - i know there has been no other study where i have gotten more of a healthy fear for you than this one! I see Your power and creativity and Your massive control and unbelievable timing! I am so impressed - if that is ok to say - and in just awe, reverence, and fear of You! Praise You Lord and Savior. I think the most important thing i have learned from this whole study is that i know nothing, You know everything, I know You and You certainly know me! I am Yours and that is all that matters. I am excited to see Your Face and touch Your hand! Thank you Lord!!

Protect Toyia and I as we travel to Highpoint. Thank you for yesterday in Cary and getting to see my old college room-mate - CC. Wow, what a neat ride You have her on!

I love you , Lord!

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